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NAPNetwork Access Protection (Microsoft)
NAPNational Academy Press
NAPNetwork Access Point
NAPNational Academies Press
NAPNot A Problem
NAPNational Action Plan (various locations)
NAPNap-Of-The-Earth (avionics)
NAPNoninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (USDA)
NAPNationale Auto Pas (Dutch)
NAPNear As Possible (as in NAP of the Earth flying)
NAPNetwork Access Provider
NAPNon-Aggression Principle
NAPNational Allocation Plan (EU emissions trading schemes)
NAPNormaal Amsterdams Peil
NAPNucleosome Assembly Protein
NAPNational Association of Parliamentarians
NAPNetwork Access Protocol
NAPNational AIDS Program
NAPNew Alliance Party (Cook Islands)
NAPNatural Areas Program
NAPNew Access Point (US Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Primary Health Care)
NAPNgee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore)
NAPNational Action Party (political party in Mexico)
NAPNck-Associated Protein
NAPNew Aspiration Party (Thailand)
NAPNational Accreditation Program (ANSI term)
NAPNational Account Profile
NAPNieuw Amsterdams Peil (Dutch point for altitude measurements)
NAPNational Afforestation Programme (India)
NAPNorth American Pairs (bridge game)
NAPNational Processing Inc (stock symbol)
NAPNon-Insured Assistance Program
NAPNerve Action Potential
NAPNatural Area Preserves
NAPNational Anthem Project
NAPNichtangriffspakt (German: Non-Aggression Pact)
NAPNational Aerospace Plane
NAPNon-Arboreal Pollen
NAPNew Americans Program (Queens Borough Public Library, New York City)
NAPNational Airports Policy (Canada)
NAPNew Age Piano (website)
NAPNaples, Italy - Capodichino (Airport Code)
NAPNetwork Applications Platform (Unisys)
NAPNorth American Partners (Florida)
NAPNo Additional Printings (book publishing)
NAPNational Awareness Partners
NAPNew Annualized Premium (insurance industry)
NAPNon-Airborne Personnel
NAPNuclear Auxiliary Power
NAPNative American Pride
NAPNorfolk Assembly Plant
NAPNCEP Advisory Panel
NAPNaval Advisory Panel
NAPNot Authorized POMCUS
NAPNon-Compliant Application Proxy
NAPNaval Aviation/Air Plan
NAPNIPS Augmentation Package
NAPNon-Nuclear Armament Plan
NAPNuclear Aggregates of Polyamines
NAPNuclear Aggregate of Polyamines
NAPNetwork Administration Processor
NAPNo Acronyms Please
NAPNative American Practicioner
NAPNational Aerial Photography
NAPNon-Aggression Pact
References in classic literature ?
Come now; and we'll go round the garden while father has his nap.
To many of them, indeed, life is little else than an often interrupted and luxurious nap.
I betook myself again to my nap, and at length a second time awoke, when, to my utter amazement, it still wanted twenty-seven minutes of six.
So they both went out upon the high road; but as the weather was warm, they had not gone far before the dog said, 'I am very much tired--I should like to take a nap.
An empty egg-basket was slung upon his arm, the nap of his hat was ruffled, a patch being quite worn away at its brim where his thumb came in taking it off.
The old man was in a good temper after his nap before dinner.
Brooke was nodding in a nap, she returned to the subject with renewed vivacity.
And when he was supposed to be working in the corn-fields, and the tall stalks hid him from Mombi's view, Tip would often dig in the gopher holes, or if the mood seized him -- lie upon his back between the rows of corn and take a nap.
When the mother had taken a sup at her flask, and was having a nap, the little robber maiden went to the Reindeer, and said, "I should very much like to give you still many a tickling with the sharp knife, for then you are so amusing; however, I will untether you, and help you out, so that you may go back to Lapland.
When the squire had finished his half-hour's nap, he summoned his daughter to her harpsichord; but she begged to be excused that evening, on account of a violent head-ache.
I put a Nap or two down," said Jos with a superb air, flinging down a gold piece.
It was true that they had come down for an hour's Nap and cigarettes; well, and there was no denying that there was whiskey in the glasses.