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NAPSNetwork Access Points
NAPSNational Association of Personnel Services
NAPSNishnawbe-Aski Police Service (est. 1994; Canada)
NAPSNaval Academy Preparatory School
NAPSNational Association of Postal Supervisors
NAPSNot A Pretty Sight
NAPSNorth American Precis Syndicate
NAPSNumerical Analysis and Prediction System (Japan Meteorological Agency)
NAPSNorth American Power Symposium
NAPSNew Abstracts and Papers in Sleep
NAPSNational Association for the Prevention of Starvation (Huntsville, Alabama)
NAPSNurse-Administered Propofol Sedation (endoscopy)
NAPSNational Air Pollution Surveillance Network (Canadian clean-air organization)
NAPSNavy Acquisition Procedures Supplement
NAPSNational Auxiliary Publications Service (American Society for Information Science)
NAPSNational Association of Presbyterian Scouters
NAPSNational Association of Peer Specialists
NAPSNational Association of Premenstrual Syndrome (Kent, UK)
NAPSNational Application Processing and Screening, Inc. (Alabama)
NAPSNational Auricula and Primula Society (UK flower enthusiasts club)
NAPSNavy Automated Publishing System
NAPSNational Association of Perishable Shippers
NAPSNational Account Proposal System
NAPSNorth American Paranormal Society
NAPSNew Account Processing System
NAPSNigeria Association of Physiotherapy Students
NAPSNationwide Association of Preserving Specialists (United Kingdom)
NAPSNorthern Arizona Paranormal Society
NAPSNon-invasive Array Prognostic System (phased-array antenna measurement)
NAPSNewborn and Prenatal Screening
NAPSNavy Automated Publications System
NAPSNon-Appropriated-Fund Automated Personnel System
NAPSNational Agriculture Policy and Strategy (Sri Lanka)
NAPSNight Aerial Photographic System
NAPSNational Australian Pump Services (formerly Fluid Equipment Company)
NAPSNaval Auxiliary Patrol Service (New Zealand)
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My dear child, he'll have a beautiful nap in the gig, for I shall drive.
Countries like China, India, and parts of the Middle East have also been known for indulging in afternoon naps.
Regular nappers may even enjoy better health, and earlier this year, napping was dubbed the 'secret to happiness', after researchers at Hertfordshire University found people fond of short naps (under 30-minutes) reported higher levels of happiness (66%) than people who took long naps (56%), or no naps at all (60%).
Longer naps were linked with a higher risk: people whose daily naps lasted an hour or more were 32 percent more likely to die over the study period.
Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst said little is known about the value of naps in young children and some U.
The study results revealed that parents of children-between the ages of 4 and 5 who did not take daytime naps-said that they exhibited higher levels of hyperactivity, anxiety and depression than those who continued to nap at this age.
Children who took longer naps solved fewer puzzles and the later they went to bed, the worse they performed.
Age Number Hours of of Naps Nap Time 4 months 3 4-6 6 months 2 3-4 9 months 2 2-4 12 months 1-2 2-3 2 years 1 1-2 3 years 1 1
On the other hand, Congressional recognition for three other NAPs was more timely, in the form of the nation's highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor.
In fact, the volunteers' speed in accurately doing the task increased as much after taking a 90-minute nap that contained both sleep stages as had previously been observed for people granted a full night's slumber (SN: 7/22/00,p.
For people who are sleep deprived, a 10-minute nap is more effective than a 30-minute nap in producing an immediate and sustained recovery in alertness, mood, and performance.
In a related study, Thomas Stauble and his associates in the laboratory of human chronobiology at Cornell University in New York found that nighttime sleep is not impaired when adults take daytime naps.