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NAVNet Asset Value
NAVNorton Anti-Virus
NAVNy Arbeids- og Velferdsforvaltning (Norwegian)
NAVNetwork Allocation Vector
NAVNano Air Vehicle (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
NaVVoltage Gated Sodium Channel
NAVNo Added Value
NAVNew Authorized Version (New King James Version of the Bible)
NAVNetwork Applications Vehicle
NAVNon-Aqueous Volatiles
NAVNative Alaskan Village
NAVNonhost Angiosperm Volatiles
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NaviGate Prepared allows us to get the best information in the least alarming way to those who need the information the most.
Navigate Boomer Media specialises in display advertising, e-mail, mobile, caregiver databases, research and content placement.
To identify and stop toll fraud we have to navigate through several different systems.
Because agents can work directly in their agency management system, there is no re-keying of information, and they don't have to manage passwords and user IDs for multiple company systems or navigate through different proprietary systems,' said Janice Sheffield, divisional vice pre sident of marketing and customer services for Ivans.
The 10 questions most asked by general counsel with respect to how they can more effectively navigate corporate politics at their company and the common pitfalls (and types of individuals) they need to avoid if they are to be successful
Teachers should issue this to each student before they begin to navigate the waters of technology.
In addition to developing the deal and assisting Renaissance by helping them navigate through the SBA loan process, City One also steered Renaissance through New York City property tax abatement and Con Edison energy cost savings programs.
Navigating Cancer is dedicated to empowering cancer patients to navigate their best care.
Converting a standard head MRI into a 3D-model of the patient's brain, allows the operator to precisely navigate the coil's electric field anywhere in the cortex, much like driving a car with the aid of GPS.
Whether deployed on its own or in conjunction with an electronic program guide, Channel Overlay lets subscribers navigate within the context of their interests, getting them right to the content they want in spite of having access to hundreds of channels and thousands of hours of on-demand programs," said George Breen, president, SeaChange Interactive division of SeaChange International.
This complex ecosystem requires a top-notch analyst to help our clients navigate an uncertain market.
com's unique approach to visualizing search results and allows users to locate images on the web and quickly navigate through the resulting preview images.