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What: Big-city politics sitcom episode in which Charlie is visited by his ne'er-do-well pop, played by Martin Sheen.
It's a comedy about a clan of early-peaking, New York geniuses and their ne'er-do-well father's belated, self-serving attempts to re-enter their lives after decades of confidence-shattering insensitivity.
Catherine's sister Beth (Natasha Gregson Wagner) also strives, vainly, to appease her unappeasable empire-overseeing parents (Philip Baker Hall and Barbara Babcock); her brother (Balthazar Getty) is an unrepentant ne'er-do-well who'll eventually humiliate the whole family.
He played Carl, a decent man with a difficult job - observing assorted ne'er-do-wells and what they get up to during the hours of darkness, via a bank of CCTV cameras.
Big Bang Generation is a kneeknocking race to stop the end of the universe by Peter's Doctor and a group of ne'er-do-wells, who include a boy who looks like a dog and an alien with grasshopper legs.
Politicians who demand compassion for Whitmore and other ne'er-do-wells banged up abroad should bear one thing in mind: plenty of their constituents agree with the punishment doled out - and long to see similar sentences and prison conditions in our own country.
Most of the partons have been coming here for years and the patrons are a mix of locals, fishermen and shrimpers, college students, ne'er-do-wells, and misguided tourists, but.
A few ne'er-do-wells in Barclays took Liborties with interest rates, and then quaffed champagne in celebration.
Among the crew of 10 ne'er-do-wells was Wales YFC chairman Tim John, who got involved as part of a series of challenges set down by YFC federations across Wales.
They live in squalor and are at constant risk of being picked up by ne'er-do-wells.
The Promotion" pits two flawed ne'er-do-wells against each other in a battle for a prized managerial job at a Chicago-area supermarket.
The target of his ire is often the current Bush administration, but the Democratic leadership and other ne'er-do-wells don't escape his barbs either.