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NEAPNational Environmental Action Plan
NEAPNational Environment Action Plan
NEAPNottingham Early Assessment Package (communication development)
NEAPNear Earth Asteroid Prospector (SpaceDev)
NEAPNational Educators Academy of the Philippines (Philippines Department of Education)
NEAPNeighbourhood Equipped Areas for Play (UK real estate development)
NEAPNational Environmental Action Programmes
NEAPNortheast Area Partnership
NEAPNear Equal As Possible (tides)
NEAPNewspaper Economic Action Plan (American Press Institute)
NEAPNature Ecotourism Accreditation Program (Australia)
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The average dry season concentrations during the spring and neap tides at Wardell were 33.
The anatomy of the NEAP project itself is a novel concept.
Tide type #3--the neap, or ordinary tide, which takes place between full moon and change of the Moon, twice every twenty-four hours.
By measuring the sediment layers, said Sonett, it is possible to calculate the frequency of the neap and spring tides.
works with the appropriate agencies to facilitate the further studies suggested by the Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies, and that the cocklers' experiences and observations of the cockle beds during the neap tides are considered as part of those further studies; * 5.
On neap tides, it will go out less far and there will be less time available for rockpooling.
As a result, its price on the books for the final went out like a neap tide.
But that is were the similarity ends -- not that I have anything against the humble swede or neap, but celeriac just has so many other uses.
The works will involve excavations to depths below mean low water neap tidal levels, reclamation filling, new perimeter in-situ kerb walls and drainage works.
He said that NEAP focuses greater ownership, oversight and accountability at the Federal, Provincial, District and UC levels.
On history's banks waves cascading sound Reaches hearts of a people whose spirit is found To be true when this river's at neap or at flood, Grant this Mersey bound feeling's time tested and good.