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NEARNear-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (Spacecraft launched 17 February 1996 on a 3-year journey to Eros)
NEARNational Energy Assistance Referral
NEARNear East Asian Region
NEARNorthEast Area Roundabouts
NEARNational Emergency Alarm Repeater System
NEARNetwork Event Alert Reporting Network Event Alert Reporting
NEARNotification Events for Applications in Retail (ARTS standard for interprocess communication)
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A student leaving the school's parking lot said he saw an animal estimated at about 200 pounds on Via Merida near the Ventura-Los Angeles county line and the Ventura Freeway.
When the newly developed near ultraviolet LED is combined with the mixture of phosphor of the three primary colors (red/green/blue), it achieves high levels of color rendering property, enabling its use in general lighting.
We agree with the authors that there is a natural background concentration of arsenic in soils near CCA-treated utility poles (0.
SOUTH WEST WALES: Delays likely on the A40 through roadworks near the showground near Nantyci.
said Near North Group Executive Vice President and Managing Director
At Butler, we have developed a special kind of play to the near post.
Tenders are invited for Installation of Tube-wetl (IM-Il) near Arma house
A statement by the Command said today that the international coalition launched three raids near Ramadi, two raids near Ain al-Assad base, two others near Mosul, one near Fallujah, one also near Qaim, one near Sinjar and other one near Tal Afar, which resulted in the destruction of a building and four vehicles and damaged a bridge built by the IS organization, and made direct strikes in seven tactical units.
According to a handout issued by ISPR, the terrorists at Jandola sector fired with small arms on security forces near Janata, which was effectively responded.
Two people were killed Monday in separate crashes several hours apart on the same stretch of the Golden State Freeway near Pyramid Lake.
Each fall, in late October to mid-November, eelpout embryos were collected near a kraft pulp mill on the Swedish Baltic coast that uses chlorine-free bleaching technology.
Broker Near North National Group is suing three former employees for allegedly hacking into Near North's computer system.