NEASNorth East Ambulance Service (Northumbria, UK)
NEASNational Education Assessment System (Pakistan)
NEASNational ELT Accreditation Scheme Limited (Australia)
NEASNational Engineering Aptitude Search
NEASNear East Archaeological Society
NEASNouvelles Editions Africaines du Sénégal
NEASNavy Enlisted Advancement System (US Navy)
NEASNortheast Algal Symposium
NEASNortheast Animal Shelter
NEASNew England Anime Society (Massachusetts)
NEASNorth Essex Astronomical Society
NEASNew England Actuarial Seminars
NEASNely el Arma Secreta (Spanish: Nely the Secret Weapon; music producer)
NEASNational Environmental Audit Services Inc.
NEASNunavut Eastern Artic Shipping
NEASNutritional & Environmental Analytical Services (Department of Population Medicine & Diagnostic Science; Cornell University)
NEASNelson Eddy Appreciation Society
NEASNew England Advertising Specialties
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For further information on our sealift services, call our NEAS sales team toll free 1 877 225 6327.
The NEAs so far detected may represent just the tip of the iceberg.
Astronomers have found about half the known NEAs in the past five years and discover two or three new ones each month, thanks in part to improved search techniques, more sensitive photographic films, and the use of sensitive electronic light detectors, known as charged-coupled devices.
Last February, after analyzing the properties of several NEAs found by Spacewatch, Rabinowitz announced that his team may have found a new class of asteroid (SN: 2/20/93, p.
In the June 24, 1993 NATURE, Rabinowitz and his colleagues suggest that the unexpectedly large number of small NEAs argues for the existence of another asteroid belt--this one near Earth.
Rest assured, America: During its first quarter century, the NEA has doled out the lion's share of its budget to arts organizations-symphonies, dance companies, presenters, theaters, cultural centers, and various "arts alliances.
While the authors do raise some compelling criticisms of the NEA and American cultural policy in general-its elitism, its cliquishness, its conservatism-nearly all conclude with a rote paragraph wistfully harking back to the NEA they knew and loved before Congress began obsessing about sex.
To understand the origin of this vested interest, it helps to understand the funding structure of the NEA and the intricate web of arts agencies to which it has given rise.
NEAS is a private, for-profit corporation offering counseling and work/life services in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico in addition to overseas locations.
A decade ago the NEA stood proudly and solidly in the forefront of the fight to squelch the charter school movement.
That position no longer exists within the leadership, and perhaps the ranks, of the NEA.
Still concerned that such schools will digest large amounts of public funds that ought to be earmarked for mainstream schools, the NEA nevertheless ``has no basic problem with the use of federal start-up funds.