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Consider a certain star, and suppose for the moment that its size is negligible.
The policy, he said, was revised in 2014 and import of live cattle from countries declared as Negligible Risk by International Animal Health Organization (OIE) was allowed.
Citigroup, Inc analysts, led by Simon Ho, said, 'Whilst detailed figures/disclosures are not available in most markets, we believe direct exposures to Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain are small or negligible for Asian banks.
Veterinary advice is that as the risk of transmission from these animals is now negligible, they do not need to be slaughtered.
The agency told the hospitals "there is negligible risk of infection with the agents normally addressed by the donor screening programme.
Negligible risk of epidemics after geophysical disasters.
6 The efficacy of the project with respect to the second objective, piloting of interventions, is rated negligible, despite the involvement of a considerable number of NGOs.
We estimate the shift in the asymmetry caused by the linear drift and show that the shift in A or B is negligible.
What's sad is that the dogma-driven, blind-to-science-and-reality DEA would have rejected a shipment with this negligible THC content.
But critics of the IBO conclusions counter that when New York switches over to a more cost-effective system of collecting recyclables later this year, the cost differences will be negligible.
American courts have usually assumed that in a public place, the expectation of privacy is negligible.
Those who wonder about the cost of the marketing message--especially in light of the campaign's subject--can be assured that the cost for the Web site, announcements and promotional efforts are negligible.