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Included in these questions were inquiries about history of nephrolithiasis and urine quality after a workout or race.
In this report, the two species from Kampou (Takusya and Kagosou) also were effective for preventing renal crystallization in a rat nephrolithiasis model; similar results were obtained in a second report (Yasui et al.
Supplementary selenium could reduce the risk of nephrocalcinosis and nephrolithiasis associated with increased cortisol as seen in CS.
Bone mineral density and urine calcium excretion among subjects with and without nephrolithiasis.
Such symptoms were present in 46 of the 60 misdiagnosed patients, the majority of which were from nephrolithiasis (22 patients), he said.
The patient's medical history included Crohn disease, bowel surgery, short bowel syndrome, hypertension, breast cancer, nephrolithiasis, and small fiber polyneuropathy (motor function was normal on nerve conduction studies 6 years earlier).
The medical history showed nephrolithiasis in 2006.
She had been evaluated by surgery for her chronic abdominal pain and had a second abdominal computed tomogram scan in 2008 revealing the 6 x 10 cm midline dermoid lesion, nonobstructing right nephrolithiasis, and cholelithiasis.
He had been followed up for seven years at another center with the diagnosis of renal failure associated with nephrolithiasis and had used sulfasalazine and leflunomide for AS.
A 41-year-old man with a history of nephrolithiasis and fatigue and no prior thyroid surgery was found to have a calcium level of 11.
Type IV renal tubular acidosis and uric acid nephrolithiasis in William's syn-drome-an unusual mode of renal involvement.