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NPNurse Practitioner
NPNational Park
NPNorthern Pacific
NPNoun Phrase
NPNew Patient
NPNo Problem
NPNot Possible
NPNewport (postal code for Newport, Wales)
NPNuclear Power
NPNot Present
NPNorth Pole
NPNot Provided
NPNo Point
NPNew Process
NPNon-Pro (hardware)
NPNobel Prize
NPNew Plymouth (New Zealand)
NPNow Playing
NPNo Place
NPNational Party
NPNatalie Portman
NPNa Przyklad (Polish: for example)
NPNail Polish
NPNeopoints (Neopets)
NPNet Profit
NPNotary Public
NPNull Pointer
NPNgee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore)
NPNorth Point (place name)
NPNintendo Power (magazine)
NPNetwork Protocol
NPNintendo Power
NPNew Party (Taiwan)
NPNatural Phenomena
NPNew Providence (New Jersey)
NPNo Page
NPNumber Portability (Mobile Services)
NPNeupreis (German :price if new)
NPNonpolar (chemistry)
NPNorth Port (Florida)
NPNegative Pressure
NPNewbury Park (California)
NPNo Post
NPNew Production
NPNational Product (band)
NPNo Pets (classified ads for rentals)
NPNetwork Programming
NPno penalty
NPNetwork Processor
NPNo Picture
NPNonviolent Peaceforce
NPNumbering Plan
NPNegative Polarity
NPNeper (unit used to express ratios, such as gain, loss, and relative values)
NPNational President
NPNetwork Provider
NPNo Parking
NPNo Patience
NPNature Photographer
NPNorth Pocono (Moscow, Pennsylvania)
NPNew Paragraph (proofreading)
NPNationalista Party (Philippines)
NPNucleoside Phosphorylase
NPNetwork Port
NPNational Primary
NPNosler Partition (bullet)
NPNorsk Petroleumsinstitutt
NPNon-Deterministic Polynomial-Time (computer programming)
NPNorma Portuguesa (Portuguese: Portuguese Norm)
NPNasal Polyp
NPNapolean Dynamite (movie)
NPNotes Payable
NPNatural Parenting
NPNumber of Pitches (baseball)
NPNormandy Park (Washington)
NPNolle Prosequi (Latin: Not Prosecute; legal motion)
NPNo Publisher
NPNewPlayer (gaming)
NPNew Pence (English penny)
NPNo Protest
NPNicolo Paganini (classical composer and violinist)
NPNice Pass
NPNetwork Planner
NPNaturopathic Practitioner
NPNo Passes
NPNumber Pooling
NPNo Proceedings
NPNetwork Protector
NPNeoPets, Neopia
NPNASA Publication
NPNational Permit (India)
NPNasal Prong (airflow)
NPNavigation Processor
NPNonpublished (number)
NPNew Production Reactor (US DOE)
NPNose Plug
NPNeighbourhood Park
NPNegro Please
NPNamibia Post (Windhoek, Namibia)
NPOccupation Newspaper (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NPNo Pistons (referring to rotary engines)
NPNew Paper - Singapore
NPNerd Paradise
NPBureau of Non Proliferation (US Department of State)
NPNetwork Pause (ANSI)
NPNoteworthy Practice
NPNeighborhood Processor
NPNo Price
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Since mMST shows high affinity for neptunium, which is present as neptunyl species, Np[O.
Christiansen's team conducted experiments demonstrating green rust's ability to immobilize neptunium at the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management's pilot research facility at Okskarshamn on Sweden's east coast and at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.
Scientists have conducted experiments since 2002 utilizing used nuclear fuel and have succeeded in collectively retrieving uranium, plutonium and neptunium.
Technologies and developments that utilize these tools inclu de: continuous dissolution of naval fuels with on-line monitoring and control of fluoride complexation; dissolution chemistry for sand-slag-crucible plutonium residues, for Russian Sapphire U-Be fuel, and for irradiated neptunium oxide in aluminum targets for Pu-238 production; extraction of actinides in the presence of zirconium in acidic solutions; and development of a non-mercury catalyst, fluoboric acid, for dissolving aluminum nuclear fuels in nitric acid.
The report noted that some workers were required to strike large cloth-filter bags with metal rods to remove heavy concentrations of uranium laced with neptunium and plutonium.
Following another stage of "radioactive decay," neptunium becomes plutonium-239, which can replenish the fuel core.
The nuclei of the latter then become unstable and decay into plutonium 239 or neptunium 239.
The Integral Fast Reactor's fuel cycle is the first one capable of taking actinides such as neptunium, americium, and plutonium and automatically putting them back--integrating them quickly and automatically--into the nuclear fuel stream.