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NERDNon-Erosive Reflux Disease (form of GERD)
NERDNational Establishment for Real Dorks
NERDNucleic Exchange Research & Development (Splice movie)
NERDNetwork Event Recording Device
NERDNever-Ending Radical Dude
NERDNot Even Remotely Dorky
NERDNetwork Emergency Repair Dude :-)
NERDNeuro-Evolutionary Rostral Developer
NERDNetwork Emergency Repair Diva :-)
NERDNarrative, Expositive, Reflective, Descriptive
NERDNever Ever Really Dies
NERDNobody/No one Ever Really Dies (band)
NERDNew England Reptile Distributor, Inc. (New Hampshire)
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that Nerd Force failed to deliver the expected contribution to earnings
Oxford's second definitions of both words are also synonymous, nerd as "an intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession" and geek as "a person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest.
The adaptable structure of NERD allows for modifying the content so that similarly structured surveys can be developed on a variety of topics.
There was a trend for higher rates of complete control at 4 weeks than at 2 weeks, raising the possibility that future trials might document better rates of complete heartburn control in NERD with 68 weeks of follow-up, he noted.
A modern nerd needs some obscure martial art in his portfolio as well a detailed knowledge of the command structure within Star Fleet.
After all, there's no intrinsic cultural value to nerds getting stuffed in lockers just because it makes for familiar cinematic terrain.
Taking the lead role in Larry Shue's enormously-successful comedy The Nerd came as no surprise and anyone less than keen on Mr Pasquale would have been well advised to stay at home.
In considering connections between people's nerd identities and media representations of the nerd, I seek to complement several other threads of research which address similar issues, including research that focuses on socialization (Fine, 1987; Thorne, 1993; Willis, 1981); analyses of images and messages contained in mass media (Gray, 1995; hooks, 1990; Pfeil, 1995; Smith, 1993); and studies of the relationships of media fans to the cultural objects of their critical affection (Jenkins, 1992; Penley, 1991; Radway, 1991).
BALTIMORE, July 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Nerd Rage News today announced a new title from Steve Wollett; creator of Clockwork Drama and author of Blasphemous Cocktails.
To promote this nerd culture, Ozeal has done all the necessaries in marketing.
1 ( ANI ): Nerd Girls - a networking group for women who work with IBM's Lotus software - is encouraging change in the way women are perceived across the industry.