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NERDNon-Erosive Reflux Disease (form of GERD)
NERDNational Establishment for Real Dorks
NERDNucleic Exchange Research & Development (Splice movie)
NERDNetwork Event Recording Device
NERDNever-Ending Radical Dude
NERDNot Even Remotely Dorky
NERDNetwork Emergency Repair Dude :-)
NERDNeuro-Evolutionary Rostral Developer
NERDNetwork Emergency Repair Diva :-)
NERDNarrative, Expositive, Reflective, Descriptive
NERDNever Ever Really Dies
NERDNobody/No one Ever Really Dies (band)
NERDNew England Reptile Distributor, Inc. (New Hampshire)
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We're bringing the same, and that's kind of the point of Nerd HQ," Levi told (http://www.
But the show seems to have a special resonance with real-life nerds.
Carrato says the amount of on-ship library space the NeRD saves is a big benefit: "[N]ow I can get 300 paperback books, or even hardcovers--because a lot of these materials are only available in hardcover--basically into somebody's pocket.
In immortalizing Booger (Curtis Armstrong) and the other nerds, the movie became ideal fodder for Twee-haters, who disdain a wide range of artists--artists like Wes Anderson (both his characters and even his sets); the aforementioned Deschanel; and the British singer Morrissey.
Ken Levine: There is this thing going on now which is really baffling: A lot of guys are challenging women who claim to be nerds as to the veracity of their herd cred.
I'm a nerd," said the 35-year-old, two-time IA 25 winner.
Rob also plans to grow and develop the idea of Lair of the Nerd in the future.
Having collaborated on an article on danglers for the November/December issue of Legacy, the Word Nerd warms to her subject by presenting three freshly caught ones.
1 Media AG (ETR:PSM), said on Thursday it had purchased a majority interest in British sector company Nerd TV.
I am a total stereotypical nerd with glasses and pimples and such.