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NUBNewbie (slang/gaming)
NUBNone of Your Business
NUBNotice of Unpaid Balance (New Jersey)
NUBNecrotic United Brothers (gaming clan)
NUBNorthern University of Bangladesh
NUBNasty Unreal Butchaz (German gaming clan)
NUBNational Unification Board (South Korea)
NUBNonuseful Body
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The likes of CrossWorlds, Active Software and even EAI newbie Forte Software are victims of the market's current pendulum swing from very high-tech solutions to non-technical solutions for integration problems.
This is one way to avoid being known as a newbie or flamed for posting the wrong thing
The ranks are as follows: Newbie -> Amateur -> Experienced -> Dedicated -> Hardcore -> Elite
Fellow newbie judge, Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw, said he was "super excited" auditions were starting in his home city of Manchester.
com, enhances its popular Newbie Room offering this May with a [pounds sterling]60,000 limited time prize deal for new members
At the moment he's something of a newbie who has to get acS customed to the trade again.
The former Shasun Pharma Solutions site at Newbie, on the outskirts of Annan, has been bought for an undisclosed sum by Merseyside-based Phoenix Chemicals Ltd.
These are the top 10 signs someone is a Twitter rookie, including hints on how to not look like a newbie instead.
Hills: 8-11 Flying Winner, 4 Swift Jade, 8 Swift Ninja, 14 Westmead Aoifa, Bubbly Kate, Primitive Way, 16 Head Iton Jordan, 20 Vatican Iona, 25 Head Iton Paddy, 50 Dubai Adventure, Genesis Alix, Rough Quest, Julies Newbie, 66 Vatican Fyne, 100 Imaal Lily, Ardagh Charm, 200 Slaneyside Demon, Schofield Bertie, Fulblast Crash.
October 1994: Rove is credited with bunching a whisper campaign during the Texas Eubematodal race that then-governor Ann Richards is a lesbiarL Political newbie George W.
Invite someone you barely know, or have a bud bring a newbie or twobie (who knew your bio partner's cousin was so cute?
And dead presidents joins dead air, dead letter, dead metaphor, and dead reckoning, the newbie standing for "U.