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NUBNewbie (slang/gaming)
NUBNone of Your Business
NUBNotice of Unpaid Balance (New Jersey)
NUBNecrotic United Brothers (gaming clan)
NUBNorthern University of Bangladesh
NUBNasty Unreal Butchaz (German gaming clan)
NUBNational Unification Board (South Korea)
NUBNonuseful Body
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The golf Pharisees, some who have an above average knowledge of the Rules of Golf, have been known to terrorise the hapless newbies who are unfortunate enough to be drawn with them.
Does this mean that newbie investors treat investing in the stock market as gambling?
When everyone's stopped believing it's real, the original cast members are gone and the newbies are being attacked, maybe it's time to pull the plug.
Leave that to the newbie agents and the you-knowwhos.
This won't be a problem for you, but it can be a real issue for the newbie.
Ali, now fronting The Dep Band with former UB40 keyboardist Michael Virtue, added: "They should be called Newbie 40.
Lounge-like STK, 26 Little West 12th Street, is a meatpacking district newbie with Chef Todd Mark Miller serving up the porterhouse in high style.
The name newbie brings to mind Gumby, Cupie, Groupie--even Dooby.
So it makes it harder for a newbie to see the forest for the trees.
Since Gracie has lived on the island less than a year, she is still learning her way around the physical and social climate, figuring out how to connect as a newbie with kids who have known each other their whole lives.
While Ancheta is no newbie to the transportation world--he has more than 25 years of experience with the Air Force--one day on a Deployment and Distribution Support Team proved to be very educational.
Newbie Spackle as verb probably can use more exposure before joining the varsity.