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According to the report, while newborn mortality rates have fallen in recent decades, they still lag behind the impressive gains made for children one month to five years old.
The problem was initially identified by nurses who were confused as to which newborns to screen and what type of treatment providers would choose when a newborn was diagnosed with hyperbilirubinemia.
People who are elderly, or unhealthy, have heart conditions, not their seemingly healthy newborn baby, Deacon.
Using the relatively under-used, innovative technique of ring mapping, the Atlas shows deprivations and underlying contributing factors of immunisation and newborn deaths across and within countries in the region, a press release said on Thursday.
Virginia Narciso, DOH-CAR Medical Officer IV, said the increase in newborn children being subjected to the mandatory screening is an offshoot of the agencys intensified campaign for mothers to voluntarily allow their newborn children to undergo the mandatory screening to be able to detect congenital diseases that need immediate medical attention.
The successes in pulmonary and cardiovascular care have revealed a new frontier in neonatal care: the prevention of long-term neurologic disability by the early treatment of newborn encephalpathy with therapeutic hypothermia.
The global newborn screening market is categorized on the basis of technology, test type, product, and geography.
WISH has announced a joint effort with the Gates Foundation to release a report developed with Harvard University and Save the Children highlighting the importance of integrated maternal and newborn healthcare.
A major new Series of papers, published in The Lancet, presents the clearest picture to date of progress and challenges in improving newborn survival around the world, and sets targets that must be achieved by 2030 in order to ensure every newborn has a healthy start.
They said that one of 19 new born children dies in the first month their life and the biggest causes of newborn babies is newborn infection.
Each hospital was sent a questionnaire requesting information about the facility's characteristics and its provision of newborn circumcision in the previous year, specific topics included the type of staff who performed the procedure, the reasons for performing it and the surgical techniques used.
The awards will fund studies on the potential for genome and exome sequencing to expand and improve newborn healthcare.