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NICHeNew Industry Creation Hatchery Center (Tohoku University; Japan)
NICHeNetwork of Iowa Christian Home Educators
NICHeNurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (various locations)
NICHeNorthern Ireland Centre for Food and Health
NICHeNevis International Culinary Heritage Exposition (Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis; Caribbean cultural festival)
NICHeNurses Improving Care to the Hospitalized Elderly (est. 1992; John A. Hartford Foundation)
NICHeNorthern Interior Community Home Educators (Canada)
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Her brows puckered as in labored thought and then with a startled expression, she threw a glance backward toward the hidden niche where the Englishman stood, after which she whispered rapidly to her companion, occasionally jerking her head in the direction of the niche and on several occasions making a move with one hand and forefinger, which Smith-Oldwick could not mistake as other than an attempt to describe his pistol and its use.
With these materials and with the aid of my trowel, I began vigorously to wall up the entrance of the niche.
This is seemed to Nada, in her madness, that the shadow of him who had sat in the niche spoke to her from hour to hour.
Within the niche Lady Arabella cowered in a paroxysm of fear.
The man concealed in the niche had also taken a step forward.
I thought you had so exactly found your niche in life, Jack,' Edwin Drood returns, astonished, bending forward in his chair to lay a sympathetic hand on Jasper's knee, and looking at him with an anxious face.
We saw a new statue put in its niche yesterday, alongside of one which had been standing these four hundred years, they said.
There was an empty niche from which some old statue had fallen or been carried away hundreds of years ago, and she was thinking what strange people it must have looked down upon when it stood there, and how many hard struggles might have taken place, and how many murders might have been done, upon that silent spot, when there suddenly emerged from the black shade of the arch, a man.
Sleary himself, a stout modern statue with a money-box at its elbow, in an ecclesiastical niche of early Gothic architecture, took the money.
Had he not himself battled for the grisly forearm of a great ape at that long-gone Dum-Dum, when he had slain the fierce Tublat and won his niche in the respect of the Apes of Kerchak?
Three important things are to-day lacking in that façade: in the first place, the staircase of eleven steps which formerly raised it above the soil; next, the lower series of statues which occupied the niches of the three portals; and lastly the upper series, of the twenty-eight most ancient kings of France, which garnished the gallery of the first story, beginning with Childebert, and ending with Phillip Augustus, holding in his hand "the imperial apple.
But, not to detract from a nation, to which, during my life, I shall acknowledge myself extremely obliged, it must be allowed, that whatever this famous tower wants in height, is amply made up in beauty and strength: for the walls are near a hundred feet thick, built of hewn stone, whereof each is about forty feet square, and adorned on all sides with statues of gods and emperors, cut in marble, larger than the life, placed in their several niches.