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NIMNet Interest Margin
NIMNetwork Interface Module
NIMNetwork Installation Management
NIMNuclear Instruments and Methods (journal)
NIMNigerian Institute of Management (est. 1961)
NIMNetwork Installation Manager
NIMNuclear Instrument Module
NIMNuclear Instrumentation Module
NIMNetscape Instant Messenger
NIMNational Islamic Movement (Afghanistan)
NIMNetwork Infrastructure Management
NIMNo Internal Message (quick-note email, subject text only matters)
NIMNegative-Index Medium
NIMNumber of Instance Methods
NIMNetwork Interface Machine
NIMNational Instrumentation Methods
NIMNational Information Market
NIMNational Impact Model
NIMNORAD Intelligence Memorandum
NIMNuclear Incident Model
NIMNetpresence Indivirtual Media (internet company)
NIMNoninvertible Maps (operational research)
NIMNetwork Integration Manager
NIMNimbus Publishing Ltd (Canada)
NIMNational Implementation Measure (EU)
NIMNewport Internet Marketing Corp. (Seattle, WA)
NIMNational Institute of Meteorology (Tunisia)
NIMNet International Migration
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This study analyzes why NIMs cluster through a two-part examination into NIMs, including: (1) an empirical analysis of clustering versus non-clustering NIMs established between January 1, 1990 and December 31, 2009; and (2) four in-depth case studies of well-populated urbanized NIM clusters.
NIM module with 16 channels (spectroscopic amplifier, fast amplifier, discriminator with constant fraction) for det.
Doug Pearce, CEO Omnicom Media Group China, said "with NIM DIGITAL, we are partnering with one of the premier digital entities in China, one that is focused on delivering outstanding work and value to their clients.
Two years later, Nim grew stronger, more playful and more aggressive, continuously causing mayhem in the house.
In this respect, Nim teaches us more about ourselves than we learn about him.
Unfortunately for Nim, the drugs were to get a lot worse than cannabis.
A worried Nim sends out a distress e-mail to Alex Rover, the author of her favorite series of adventure books.
Needless to say, the forms of the Scandinavian loanword, being drastically less numerous than those of the native verb, were easier to handle in speech, a state of things which may have favoured the subsequent loss of nim at the expense of take.
JPM noted on its earnings call that it expects to face a continuation of modest NIM pressure in future quarters.
NIM (Breslin) lives on a lush South Pacific island with her scientist father Jack (Butler), who studies plankton while the youngster amuses herself with animal chums Selkie the sea lion, Galileo the pelican and Fred the bearded dragon.
Nim (Breslin) live son alush South Pacific island with her scientist father Jack(Butler), playing with her animal pals while her father studies plankton.
The affected NIM classes are generally receiving limited monthly interest payments and are not expected to receive any material amounts of principal in the future.