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NOMNational Organization for Marriage (Princeton, NJ)
NOMNatural Organic Matter
NOMNaissance on Melrose
NOMNoble Metal
NOMNetwork Object Model (Microsoft)
NOMNo Offence Meant
NOMNatural Organic Material
NOMNoordelijke Ontwikkelings Maatschappij
NOMNation of Men
NOMNintendo Official Magazine
NOMNationaal Onderzoek Multimedia (Dutch)
NOMNational Online Meeting
NOMNew Order Mormon (religion)
NOMNot Original Motor (vehicle advertisements)
NOMNAS Operations Manager (FAA)
NOMNo Other Message
NOMNiezalezny Operator Miedzymiastowy (Polish long-distance company)
NOMNorthern on Main
NOMNet Operation Margin
NOMNetwork Operation Phone
NOMNovus Ordo Missae (Mass of Paul VI)
NOMNotice of Modification
NOMNorma Oficial Mexicana
NOMNominative (grammatical case)
NOMNumber of Methods
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The nomenclature system is straightforward and easy to understand.
From a competitive advantage standpoint for retailers, according to our research 77% of consumers said they would seek out a store that was offering this new labeling and nomenclature.
It makes no sense, but a salesman has to accept, like the rest of us who do not belong to the state nomenclature, that he is a second-class citizen.
Our proprietary nomenclature system fills this need for medical devices and related equipment and consumables.
I am merely recording evidence of a shift in American nomenclature, which may indicate something significant.
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Vienna Code).
Plants arising in cultivation are covered by rules called the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP) and horticulturists act with a cultivar in the same way.
The role of that panel of activists was to put pressure on the APA, by disrupting its activities if necessary, to secure an appearance before the APA's crucial Committee on Nomenclature and Statistics, responsible for publishing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
Requests should include justification for the training gear, quantity needed, nomenclature and NSN of requested equipment, shipping address, delivery date request, and mode of shipping.
In addition, when Latin names are used, they must conform to internationally accepted nomenclature rules, and the 2000 edition of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (St.
Later sections get even more scientific by covering plant nomenclature, biodiversity, genetics, and the implications of genetic modification for gardening.
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