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virtually all nominative uses are confusing" because "when a
Miyamoto reported that people read a clause-initial nominative-nominative sequence slower than either a clause-initial nominative-accusative sequence or a clause-initial accusative-nominative sequence, and attributed this slowdown to the hypothesis that nominative in Japanese induces a clause-boundary.
136) Pointing out that the Brookfield court expressly sought to avoid curtailing the fair use defense, the district court in the Welles case proceeded to base its decision on nominative fair use grounds.
In the elative construction, the noun expressing the experiencer is in the elative case (2a), while the noun expressing the resulting state is in the nominative (2c) (see Erelt 2005; Pajusalu, Tragel 2007; Tragel, Habicht 2012).
Particularly when you consider that in less than a year our national finances could well be in the hands of that prime example of nominative determinism, Ed Balls.
Over in Hull, there's a case of nominative determinism - that phenomenon whereby you're far more likely to end up kneading dough for a living if your surname is Baker - gone wrong.
The letter further criticised the leader of the Socialists, Swiss MP Andreas Gross, for "compiling nominative lists" during political group meetings, "inciting the members to vote against the amendments via an indicative vote", and "intimidating them with expulsion".
Ensuite, la restructuration du departement mere-enfant, relevement du pole d'excellence en matiere de psychiatrie et sante mentale, construction du bloc operatoire, extension de la capacite d'accueil d'hemodialyse, restructuration de la pharmacie hospitaliere, introduction de la delivrance de l'ordonnance nominative, restructuration du departement de medecine, developpement de la qualite de l'accueil a differents niveaux, mise en place de la maintenance biomedicale et technique, amelioration de l'organisation et le fonctionnement des services de soutien.
However, changes are in the works to fill these positions through a nominative process based on ARPC developmental team inputs.
Campbell's treatment (1959: 226-229) highlights that the nature of the base-final segment, whether the base ended in a liquid (1, r) or a nasal (n, m), or neither, was key in the sense that disyllabic neuters of this shape, regardless of root syllable length, typically contained an anaptyctic vowel in zero-inflected forms, like their regular nominative and accusative plural forms (cf.
One recommendation by the WOCC/SWOAC is for CW5s serving as regimental chief warrant officers, chief warrant officer of the branches, the command chief warrant officer of the reserves, the command chief warrant officer of the National Guard, or in any of the three- and four-star nominative positions should be considered key and essential personnel and, therefore, accorded senior grade housing.
In recent years I have occasionally seen professional astronomers using the nominative (basic) form of the name instead, so that each constellation's name has only one form.