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NSNo Smoking
NSName Server
NSNetwork Simulator (networking research)
NSNova Scotia
NSNot Sure (survey response)
NSNatural Selection
NSNational Security
NSNot Significant
NSNot Specified
NSNew South
NSNetwork Services
NSNew South Wales (Australia)
NSNorfolk Southern Railway (railroad)
NSNon Stop
NSNervous System
NSNorth South
NSNorth Side
NSNorth Star (District in the Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America)
NSNew Style
NSNational Service
NSNew Series
NSNight Stand (TV show)
NSNew Scientist
NSNovi Sad (Vojvodina Province, Yugoslavia)
NSNaval Station
NSNuclear Safety
NSNational Statistics
NSNederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railroads)
NSNinja Storm (Power Rangers cartoon)
NSNormal Saline
NSNot Statistically Significant
NSNational Standard
NSNasal Spray (drug administration)
NSNo Support
NSNight Strike (gaming)
NSNo Standard
NSNational Socialism
NSNon-Structural (molecular biology)
NSNeXTStep (Apple Computer)
NSNegeri Sembilan (Malaysian state)
NSNo Show
NSNice Shot (games)
NSNaming Service
NSNickServ (IRC Nickname Server)
NSNational Seashore (National Park Service)
NSNaruto Shippuden (anime)
NSNephrotic Syndrome
NSNot Scheduled
NSNew Spring (Wheel of Time short novel)
NSNeck Strap
NSNon Sequitur (Latin: Not Continuing, epigraphy)
NSNationStates (online game)
NSNorsk Standard (Norwegian Standard)
NSNullsoft (developers of Winamp)
NSNada Surf (band)
NSNo Surrender
NSNimbostratus (cloud formation)
NSNetwork Series
NSNumber of Stations
NSNear Side
NSNo Synchronization
NSNuclear Submarine
NSNoonan Syndrome
NSNetStumbler (wireless network discovery software)
NSNinja Scroll (gaming)
NSNeutral Site
NSNull Space (mathematics)
NSNamed Storms (hurricanes)
NSNuclear Ship
NSNational Special (machine screw thread, Society of Automotive Engineers)
NSNut Shot
NSNetwork Strategy
NSNinja Sword
NSNetwork Supervisor
NSNo Soliciting
NSNetStorm (video game)
NSNew Shekels
NSNature's Swiftness (gaming, World of Warcraft)
NSNegative Small (number)
NSNo Stuff (polite form)
NSNadeem-Shravan (Indian film composers)
NSNumber of Suspensions
NSN-Sider (gaming website)
NSNode Switches
NSNational Stanine (educational testing)
NSnuclear survivability (US DoD)
NSNon Serviceable
NSNaughty Sorceress (gaming, Kingdom of Loathing character)
NSNeighborhood Systems
NSNarrow Sample
NSNaval Sheltered (environment)
NSNetwork Selector
NSNetherton Disease
NSNeutralized Solution
NSNazareth Sisters
NSNachschrift (Geman: Post Scriptum (PS))
NSNetStorager System (SGI)
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Both smokers and non-smokers are dubious about the chances of stopping smoking without treatment.
HOUSE PRICES Being a smoker can affect the value and saleability of your house, particularly if your prospective purchasers are one of the 76% of Welsh non-smokers.
Our position as EDEK is that we must totally ensure the protection of public health and the rights of non-smokers," Sizopoulos explained yesterday.
NON-SMOKERS are being forced to breathe in a cigarette's worth of poison EVERY HOUR in Ulster pubs, The People can reveal.
At the moment, a smoker of Jack's age pays up to 40 per cent more for life cover than a non-smoker of the same age.
The report confirms what non-smokers have long suspected: ETS is not just an annoyance, it's a "pollutant.
We were able to show that the risk of smokers for cardiovascular diseases is more than twice that of non-smokers.
A 30-year-old male non-smoker taking pounds 150,000 worth of life cover over 25 years would save an average of pounds 1725, while a non-smoking woman of the same age would save pounds 1020.
When a person quits smoking, they can eventually be placed in the non-smoker category and enjoy lower life insurance quotes.
On the other hand a non-smoker will be able to gain from the scheme by opting for an alternative benefit to the same value.
Smokers usually vow to quit due to deteriorating health (68 per cent), the effect it has on family (19 per cent) or to please their non-smoker partner (five per cent).
The study found that a 30year-old male non-smoker can expect to live, on average, until he is around 82However, if the man smokes, he can expect to live 5.