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NUNusselt Number (ratio of convective to conductive properties)
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NUNationsUniversity (online university)
NUNormalized Unit
NUNon Upset (thread end finish)
NUNationality Undetermined
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To clearly identify the relationship between the non-uniformity of the flow velocity distribution and the aerodynamic drag that applies to the trailing vehicle when the inter-vehicle distance is short, the velocity distribution in the leading vehicle wake is examined.
The treatments consisted of five levels of non-uniformity in the spatial distribution of corn seeds along the planting row, equivalent to 0, 20, 40, 60 and 80% of the coefficient of variation (CV), and two corn hybrids, Pioneer P30F53HX and Pioneer P3646HX.
Non-uniformity index for polyester-viscose yarn with the ratio of 80.
Table 1 records the values for vg, demonstrating the better compensation of non-uniformity reached with the proposed method with respect to NC and m-DAC, after an execution time of 2s running in MATLAB on a 3,4 GHz CoreI7 PC with 8 GB RAM.
Seed quality from this system is limited by several constraints including low germination, non-uniformity and diseases.
However, for the calculation of machine inductances under rotor misalignment conditions, considering rotor skewing, slots effect and axial non-uniformity, the extended MWFA should be used [23].
Two kinds of non-uniformity appear in real MMDLs based on the mathematical model of the MCMLs:
12 -- ISS-8P-HP Integrating Sphere Light Source is useful as calibration standard for Photo-Response Non-Uniformity comparison.
Alrad says StingRay lasers are the first to feature a line intensity non-uniformity down to +/-5% in a standard product.
Since the aerodynamic performance of compressor grids is mostly defined by the processes that occur at the boundary layers on blades, there is great interest in considering the influence of periodic flow non-uniformity in front of grids on the compressor grids streamlining and flow at the boundary layer on blades (Schlichting 1969; Liblein, Randebuseh 1956).
It was determined experimentally that the smallest effect to the non-uniformity of stresses in the film has the special type of fastening when the film is glued to the aluminum angle by using a two-sided sticking tape.
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