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NEQNuméro d'Entreprise du Québec (French: Québec Enterprise Number)
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NEQNoise Equivalent Quanta
NEQNortheast Qualifier (gaming tournament)
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is my target here--the nonequivalence of the harms of executions and
Since the cavity temperature ideally never changes, and the electrical nonequivalence and resulting thermal gradients are negligible, the LOCR's response time is determined primarily by the response time of the electronic control system, and is not limited by the heating time constant of the cavity.
O'Driscoll, Gerald (1977) The Ricardian Nonequivalence Theorm, Journal of Political Economy February.
The role of kinetic nonequivalence and chemical glass transition was investigated by Laius and Tsapovetsky, who compared the cyclization isotherms of pure polyamic acid and its solid solution in the amorphous polymeric matrix (6).
The fact that Heidegger does not explicitly assert the nonequivalence of original temporality and authentic temporality does not, by itself, rule out Fleischer's contention that he implicitly does so and that, when he does not, he meant to or should have.
It could be hypothesized that the different patterns of findings for Phase 1 and Phase 2 may have been contributed by a nonequivalence of initial characteristics of the subjects in the two phases.
The nonequivalence of behavioral and mathematical equivalence.
A significant interaction term for participating hospitals would indicate nonequivalence of preintervention trends between participating and noneligible hospitals.
Based on log-linear methods of analysis, these procedures test for the significance of group (G) differences with respect to some dependent variable (D), after adjusting for statistical nonequivalence in group composition (C).
Recent correspondence to Clinical Chemistry (1, 2) addressed the performance of the second generation Tacrolimus assay for the IMx analyzer (Abbott Diagnostics), with the former letter identifying nonequivalence in results from its predecessor and the latter considering performance approaching the lower limits of detection.
Ricardo actually made the case for the nonequivalence and the inferiority of debt financing (O'Driscoll 1977).
We created matched samples of intervention and comparison users for each intervention plan and drug class using propensity score methods to address the potential nonequivalence of the intervention and comparison groups (Rosenbaum and Rubin 1983).