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NNNight, Night
NNNearest Neighbor (algorithm)
NNNeural Network
NNNot Necessary
NNNot Now
NNNorthampton (postcode, United Kingdom)
NNNo Name
NNNetscape Navigator
NNNationale Nederlanden
NNNo Nonsense
NNNetwork Node
NNNormalnull (German: Sea Level)
NNNacht und Nebel (German: Night and Fog; WWII prisoners held incommunicado)
NNNomen Nescio (Latin: I Don't Know the Name)
NNNetwork Neighborhood (Microsoft Windows 9x)
NNNot Negotiable
NNNigerian Navy
NNNouvelles Normes (classification hôtelière; France)
NNNot Notable (Wikimedia Foundation editing policy)
NNNewport News, VA, USA
NNNot Nominated
NNNormal to Normal
NNNomen Nominandum (Latin: Name Hitherto Unknown)
NNNon-Participating National (FCC)
NNNice Nil (spades gaming)
NNNarcolepsy Network, Inc.
NNNegative Notification
NNNo Noobs (gaming)
NNNice Nade (gaming)
NNNevernet (IRC network)
NNNavajo Neurohepatopathy
NNNon Nominatus/Nominata (Latin: Not Named, epigraphy)
NNNebulous Nonsense
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Administration statements suggest that regional ballistic missile defense architectures and an enhanced mix of nonnuclear strike forces are critical components of its plan to accomplish these objectives.
Iran is a signatory as a nonnuclear weapons state, but the US and its allies believe that it is trying to acquire nuclear weapons under the pretext of building up its civil nuclear industry.
I said in the Japan-China summit that (Japan would) firmly maintain the three nonnuclear principles and called for nuclear disarmament by nuclear powers,'' Abe said.
The rocket then boosts a satellite to orbit or delivers a nonnuclear weapon to a distant target.
By eroding its own negative security assurances, the United States is diminishing another important incentive for nonnuclear weapons states to remain within the NPT regime.
But proponents of nuclear weapons have overstated the capability of the nuclear option even in cases where targets can be located, while underestimating nonnuclear potential.
Moreover, to avoid any misunderstanding, he explained that the nonnuclear principles are a given, eliminating the option of nuclear armament, and that political rationale and constitutional interpretation are to be distinguished.
The Pentagon plans to create a new command that combines the military network that warns of missile attacks with its force that can fire nuclear or nonnuclear weapons at suspected nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons sites around the world," The New York Tmes reported on June 25.
Joint International Seminar on Exposure & Effects Modelling in Environmental Toxicology: A First Dialogue between Nuclear and Nonnuclear Environmental Scientists and Managers.
From an investment perspective, a change of this magnitude could have an adverse financial impact on utilities with nuclear plants, particularly when compared with nonnuclear utilities.
The planned Kochi policy is in line with the nation's three nonnuclear principles of not possessing, manufacturing or introducing nuclear weapons into the country.
Final chapters cover the special issues clinicians are confronted with when working with adolescent patients, including refusal to go to school, sexual activity, aggressive behavior, sexual abuse, and life in a nonnuclear family.