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NQNorth Queensland (Australia)
NQNo Quote (stock market)
NQNonqualified (finance & insurance; stock option)
NQNitroguanidine (explosive)
NQNeoQuest (Neopets)
NQNorth Qeynos (gaming, Everquest)
NQTrust Territory of the Pacific Islands (Including Caroline & Marshall Islands & Group)
NQnonquota (US DoD)
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Nevertheless the results indicate that both quota and nonquota species are being landed for the fillet and fin markets, and that the domestic market has cartons of mislabelled species.
Jews so admitted could gradually effect the admission of thousands of other Jews under the first and second preference and nonquota provisions of the Immigration Act of 1924.
During the nonquota years (1974-88), planted rice acreage did not respond positively to the policy-inducing price in Arkansas, California, Mississippi, and Texas.
One example of nonquota affirmative action is aggressive advertising to let people in minority communities know that opportunities previously dosed to them are now available.
It admitted 205,000 European displaced persons, including 3000 nonquota orphans.