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Having then reached my normal state, I discovered that I was half famished with hunger.
Its upper part forms a box in which the air is kept by means of a bellows, and therefore cannot escape unless at its normal tension.
He had been with them so long that he had come to regard them as almost normal human beings.
By unusual, I mean strange (or rare) words, metaphorical, lengthened,--anything, in short, that differs from the normal idiom.
It was as though it were my most normal condition, and not in the least disease or depravity, so that at last all desire in me to struggle against this depravity passed.
The island itself, as apart from its inhabitants, was quite normal.
His lower jaw hung down as if lacking strength to assume its normal position.
To any one not acquainted with him he seemed to be in his normal condition; but to his friends -- to Athos and Aramis -- was apparent a certain feverishness in his gayety.
In the atmosphere of the Easterly weather, as pellucid as a piece of crystal and refracting like a prism, we could see the appalling numbers of our helpless company, even to those who in more normal conditions would have remained invisible, sails down under the horizon.
His excitement, of course, increased greatly at sight and touch of the individual for whose blood he had been making application: he struggled and struck with fury--but a drunken man is no match for a sober one; and, even in his normal state, Pelet's worn out frame could not have stood against my sound one.
Up-and-down did it: and the landscape, which had been showing signs of mental aberration in various directions, returned to its normal condition of sobriety with the exception of a small yellowish-brown mouse, which continued to run wildly up and down the road, lashing its tail like a little lion.
Even in this thin air the lift-shunts are busy taking out one-third of its normal lift, and still "162" must be checked by an occasional downdraw of the rudder or our flight would become a climb to the stars.