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Abdullah told reporters after the meeting that "even if normalization has been approved by the committee, the Sudanese constitution does not allow it and all official documents contain the phrase of 'dealing with all countries except for the state of Israel'".
According to Sak, these are good steps toward normalization, which is very important for the development of the eastern provinces of Turkey, which have direct political, social and economic relations with Armenia.
The normalization process composed of three main components, namely security, socioeconomic development, and transitional justice and reconciliation aims to return conflict-affected communities in Mindanao to a peaceful life wherein people could pursue sustainable livelihoods free from fear of violence and crime.
He underlines the tremendous economic regional benefits as well as formation of a strong democratic region if Pakistan and India make progress towards normalization.
For Palestinians, talk about normalization began after the Oslo accord in 1993, when Palestinian independence seemed to be just around the corner.
I, too, visited the affected areas several times," said TMC President Akio Toyoda at a press conference today announcing the normalization timeline.
the seminar, presented a working paper on the normalization of economic
Chan and colleagues assessed the clinical impact of CA 125 normalization patterns.
The General Assembly of the journalists had previously taken a decision that prohibits any normalization steps with the "Zionist entity" until peace is achieved in the Middle East and the Palestinian State is established.
But Israeli reports have tied stopping settlement building in the Palestinian territories to partial normalization procedures by the Arabs, a claim Washington denied, saying freezing Jewish settlements is a condition and not up for bargaining.
Apparently, there are divided opinions as to what normalization is supposed to accomplish.
The contributors of these articles explain the use of early normalization techniques for new profiling methods and include strategies for assessing the utility of various normalization algorithms.