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NBNDNon-Broadcast Network Diagnosis
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AVERAGE SPEEDS Here are the 10 roads which saw the biggest drop in speeds in the year to September: A19 northbound, South Tyneside, |18.
Then on Wednesday and Thursday nights the northbound A1 shuts Coalhouse to Gateshead Quays, and southbound from Lobley Hill to Coalhouse.
Starting Friday night, workers began digging out a 500-foot section of the northbound right lane, replacing rock under the road and paving the surface.
Highways Agency project manager Kyle Maylard said: "We will be carrying out essential remodelling and strengthening work to restore stability to the earthwork slope next to the A19 northbound carriageway.
At Northbound DGS, we've developed and perfected the blueprints, created a detailed system of tools, formulated an in-depth plan, and built a process to get you the relevant customers and quality sales opportunities you want for your business.
The driver escaped from the vehicle, which had burst into flames on the hard shoulder of the northbound carriageway near Shrewley, without sustaining injury.
Up to two lanes of northbound 5 from westbound the 210 connector to the 14.
Northbound trade volumes from Chile and other West Coast nations have been positive while southbound shipments have lagged, says Larkin.
The bridge currently carries two northbound and three southbound lanes of U.
The northbound side of the motorway will be reduced to single lane overnight on Monday 21 September then again on Wednesday 23 September and Saturday 26 September.
A1056 from the B1322 to the northbound slip roads to/from the A19 2.
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