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WTDCWorld Telecommunication Development Conference
WTDCWelcome to Diverse City (TobyMac album)
WTDCnot an acronym (logistics infrastructure company; Miami, FL)
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The GOP ETF -- that's GOP as a trading symbol, not an acronym for Grand Old Party -- focuses on portfolios that are expected to benefit from Republican Party policies.
For the Jewelmer group, CSR (corporate social responsibility) is not an acronym but a part of its business, which have included such diverse projects as a coconut hybridization program in Palawan and various cultural activities in both France and the Philippines.
This derogatory term for the police - used long before the hippies of the 1960s - is not an acronym for 'Pride, Integrity, and Guts' as the force would have us believe.
JIRA ((which is not an acronym, but a truncation of Gojira, the Japanese name for Godzilla) is a patented issue tracking product, created by Atlassian.
And let's get one rumor out of the way right now: No, it is not an acronym for "Hydra-Shok Two.
net BRMB FACT FILE * The station was launched on February 19 1974 by the then Birmingham Lord Mayor, Marjorie Brown; * BRMB originally broadcast from Radio House, Aston, before moving to Brindleyplace in 1998; * Newsreader Brian Shephard was the first voice to be heard over the airwaves; * Midlands broadcasting legend Ed Doolan was a member of the original radio team; * BRMB is NOT an acronym, contrary to popular belief.
FFY is not an acronym but is believed to be the area code for Southport.
The word Mensa is not an acronym - it is Latin for table.
HAVE QUICK II,--Is not an acronym, actual name of radio system
Faster, more effective communication of all combat forces (air, land, and sea) in the battlespace might, but not an acronym.
One last note of interest: According to Sara Hale in Bureau van Dijk's New York office, OSIRIS is not an acronym for anything, as are the names of many of its other products.