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NNoon (time of day)
NNeutral (automatic transmissions)
NNon specified number
NNumber of Years
NNatural Numbers
NSet of Natural Numbers (math)
NLondon North (postcode, United Kingdom)
NNight (airfare)
NNotch (type of filter)
NIntuitive (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
NPrincipal Quantum Number (used in formulae in quantum physics)
NKnight (chess)
NMoles (chemistry)
NNigerian Naira (national currency)
NSouthwest Ontario (postal code designation, Canada)
NNatus (Latin: Born)
NNoggin (cable network)
NAsparagine (amino acid)
NNucleoprotein (virus protein)
NSensitive Unclassified (information)
NTrue Neutral (gaming)
NAvogadro's Number (chemistry)
NNeutron Number (physics)
NUnable to Locate Complainant (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
NNot Classified But Sensitive
NOccupation Regular Issues (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NNot for Release to Foreign Nationals
NNo Action Taken/Being Taken (action code)
NUS DoT tire speed rating (87 mph)
References in classic literature ?
But, as he passed through the Notch of the mountains, a war party of Indians captured our unlucky merchant, and carried him to Montreal, there holding him in bondage, till, by the payment of a heavy ransom, he had wofully subtracted from his hoard of pine-tree shillings.
Next instant, however, his blade had slipped into the fatal notch, there was a sharp cracking sound with a tinkling upon the ground, and he found a splintered piece of steel fifteen inches long was all that remained to him of his weapon.
According to supply chain sources, the iPhone 11 will feature a smaller notch, while Apple is planning to completely ditch the notch for its 2019 models.
The rating is based on Achmea's Long-Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) of 'A', an IDR uplift of one notch, a payment continuity uplift (PCU) of eight notches, a recovery uplift of one notch and an asset percentage (AP) of 93.
They may be foramen or notch separately or two foramina or sometimes foramen and notch together or sometimes absence of foramen and notch, proceeding in the upper wall of orbit (Andersen et al.
Appropriately called the Notch Remover, this app disguises the iPhone X notch with a black bar.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) took action today against Top Notch Funding and two individuals associated with the company for lying in loan offerings to consumers who were awaiting payment from settlements in legal cases or from victim-compensation funds.
NSB-Notch/notches on superior border, NIBnotch/notches on inferior border, NBB-notch/notches on both borders & NN-no notch.
In addition, many of vehicle structural and mechanical components include notch regions because of design requirements and significant stress concentrations occur at those notch locations.
Material and Methods: This study included 199 primigravida women with singleton pregnancy having diastolic notch in uterine arteries between 20 to 23 weeks of gestation.
Background: Few data are available concerning intercondylar notch dimensions in female nonathletes with knee osteoarthritis (OA) in plateau region.
First, we made a saw cut at right angles to the direction of fall, then chopped out the notch (illustration below).