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NSECNetwork Switching Engineering Center
NSECNano Second
NSECNanoscale Science and Engineering Center (Cambridge, MA)
NSECNorwegian Seafood Export Council (est. 1991; Norway)
NSECNational Security Engineering Center (US DoD)
NSECNorth-South Economic Corridor (transport route; Asian Development Bank)
NSECNational Safety Education Center (Northern Illinois University)
NSECNational Solar Energy Centre (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia)
NSECNational System for Emergency Coordination (US EPA)
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Mr Kirkwood added: "The NSEC would provide the right kind of environment for firms to prosper and address the region's economic output gap.
Aileen Chen, Southeast Asia representative of the NSEC, notes that three other target markets - Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore - are already active importers of Norwegian salmon.
The MPM module contains a unique high-speed TWT control electrode modulator with less than 10 nsec rise and fall times.
The switching capability features >30 dB on/ off isolation and <50 nSEC transition time.
NSEC 2010 was focused on recent developments in Software Engineering technologies and the best management practices along with their applications to achieve optimal solutions for industrial and organizational performance of software.
Noise% = 15%/3 x Len/RT = 5% x Len/RT, with Len in inches and the rise time in nsec.
Electronically programmable delays between 40 nsec and 2.
The IR emitters feature rise and fall times of 20 nsec.
7bn in September 2010, up by 46% year-on-year, the Norwegian seafood export council NSEC said Wednesday.
Other features include [+ or -]1 A gate drive current and adjustable deadtime from 50 nsec to 200 nsec.