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Assuming that categories defined by SF-1 staining (Pit-1/ ACTH-negative, ie, gonadotroph adenomas), ACTH-staining (Pit-1/SF-1-negative, ie, corticotroph adenomas), and Pit-1/SF-1/ACTH-negative tumors (IHC null cell adenoma, see discussion) can be studied with only the screening antibodies and review of clinical and serologic history, approximately one-third fewer stains might be used in the characterization of pituitary adenoma in our system, given the prevalence of adenoma subtypes noted in the current series (Tables 4 and 5, compare Total Stains, Prior System, and Total Stains, New Algorithm).
Although perhaps intuitively attractive, it is quite incorrect to interpret a p value as the probability that the null hypothesis is true, given the evidence expressed in the observed test statistic (e.
Now we deal with the question of obtaining a normalized expression for a null normal l of a null hypersurface H [member of] F.
In addition to a radical change in diet, Null argues, nutritional supplementation must be aggressive.
The results were scanned for inconsistencies of the type encountered when null alleles are segregating.
When a value isn't entered into a field, it's a null value.
However, nulls steering and null depth are not taken into account, which are very important issues to be addressed.
The alternative hypothesis is often what we are hoping to prove by gathering enough evidence to overturn the null hypothesis.
1] can be spacelike if g(v, v) > 0 or v = 0, timelike if g(v, v) < 0, and null (lightlike) if g(v, v) = 0 and v [not equal to] 0.
So, why does the science community continue to do attribution studies and assume that humans have no influence as a null hypothesis?
1] can have one of three Lorentzian characters: it can be space-like if g(v,v) > 0 or v = 0, time-like if g(v,v) < 0 and null if g(v,v) - 0 and v [not equal to] 0.
The pre-eminent early contribution, that of Rizzi (1986), saw covert pronouns as licensed by a governing head and recovered by the features of that head (effectively AGRs in the case of null subjects).