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Survey findings suggest that the public increasingly recognizes that obesity is more complicated than a simple problem of personal responsibility; however, this awareness has not translated into improved social acceptance of people with obesity, which instead declined in settings such as the workplace, education, and other areas of life.
And while the study found a drop in obesity and severe obesity among all demographic groups, the declines were smaller in those groups that started with the highest prevalence.
The Obesity Society is likely to demand better evaluation of obesity prevention programs, Mr.
Eric Oliver, author of Fat Politics, and University of Colorado law professor Paul Campos, author of The Diet Myth (published in hard-cover as The Obesity Myth), both take up this question, and they reach similar conclusions.
traces the obesity epidemic through the lives of children, families, teachers, and researchers.
Researchers have observed that people who sleep less than 7 to 8 hours a night have elevated rates of obesity and diabetes.
A study in the March New England Journal of Medicine found that as childhood obesity becomes increasingly prevalent, the current generation of children may "live less healthful and shorter lives than their parents" for the first time in United States history.
What's more, adds Manson, "depletion of the susceptibles" may hide the harm caused by obesity.
Levine, who launched the Kids' Fitness Challenge races in 2004 and is an avid marathon runner, said he believes many of the fitness initiatives are too new to have yet made a dent in the obesity rates.
What you may not realize is that NIDA researchers are discovering fascinating connections between obesity and another key teen health issue: drug addiction.
Tell students that scientists know, that D2 receptor levels are lower in people who suffer from obesity or drug or alcohol addiction.