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The reason is that objective reference is of the essence of belief, and objective reference is derived from meaning.
The content is different in the two cases, but its objective reference is the same.
It may be said that even in this very simple case the objective reference of the word-content is not quite the same as that of the image-content, that images have a wealth of concrete features which are lost when words are substituted, that the window in the image is not a mere window in the abstract, but a window of a certain shape and size, not merely to the left of the door, but a certain distance to the left, and so on.
Product name: Nikon CFI60-2 objective series for industrial microscopes
This means that we must re-implement the analysis of the subobjectives' relative influence at the objective of higher hierarchical level.
That sounds simple enough, but it is not, because the objective also must be based on a larger political goal that may be tough to define.
We also believe that another key task for the committee will be to determine if private company user needs create objectives that are consistent with, or divergent from, the current objectives of general-purpose external financial reporting contained in the existing FASB (and proposed joint FASB/IASB) conceptual framework.
assessment to ascertain if each objective has been achieved.
A behavioral objective was for the elementary student to assume the role of a travel agent and identify five interesting facts about the wall to share with someone who would be traveling to China.
An objective is an end towards which effort is directed and on which resources are focused.
By any objective measure of success, almost every software-intensive program is probably going to deviate substantially from its initial cost, schedule, and performance baselines.
When libertarian-oriented activist judges such as Fields and Peckham disregarded an objective reading of the Constitution in order to elevate their personal beliefs to the highest law of the land, they set the stage for FDR-appointed activist judges to disregard the objective meaning of the Constitution (e.