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OBSCOcala Breeders’ Sales Co.
OBSCOliveira do Bairro Sport Clube (Portugese)
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Police sources said that more than a dozen obscene videos of minor girls and women were also recovered from the suspects who were shifted to an undisclosed location for further interrogation.
KFCB Coast region manager Bonventure Kioko said the crackdown on PSVs playing obscene music videos has begun.
showing of middle finger is not only offensive but a highly belligerent, invasive, obscene, lewd gesture.
The arrested persons have been charged under section 292 of the PPC and section 18 of the motion picture act for allegedly watching obscene movies.
Obscene materials were found to have been published on 673 occasions in West Yorkshire during this period, an increase of nearly treble compared to the 228 such crimes in the previous 12-month period.
Pellegrini has an obscene amount of options - that man with the stethoscope clamped to his chest in Cheshire, Kevin de Bruyne, extends the list - and some obscenely gifted players.
The test to determine the existence of obscenity is, whether the tendency of the matter charged as obscene, is to deprave or corrupt those whose minds are open to such immoral influences and into whose hands a publication or other article charged as obscene may fall," De Lima said in her Feb.
The petition further highlights the lack of adequate Internet laws encourages people to access obscene videos.
She also complained of getting calls and obscene messages from a particular number.
those in power) considered obscene, pornographic, or, quite simply, smut.
You can see vendors are selling such obscene CDs everywhere at bus stands in their hand driven carts with impunity.
Obscene Interactive is a division of Obscene Jeans Corp.