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On the receipt of your favor of the 6th instant, addressed to the Observatory of Cambridge in the name of the members of the Baltimore Gun Club, our staff was immediately called together, and it was judged expedient to reply as follows:
These are our answers to the questions proposed to the Observatory of Cambridge by the members of the Gun Club:
The staff of the Cambridge Observatory place themselves entirely at their disposal in respect of all questions of theoretical astronomy; and herewith add their congratulations to those of all the rest of America.
Belfast, director of the Cambridge Observatory, and reached the station of Long's Peak, where the telescope was erected which brought the moon within an apparent distance of two leagues.
Maston and Belfast to the gentlemen of the Cambridge Observatory, announcing that on the 11th of December at 8h.
To this Observatory, then: a stern room, with a deadly statistical clock in it, which measured every second with a beat like a rap upon a coffin-lid; Louisa repaired on the appointed morning.
In spite of all that has happened since, I still remember that vigil very distinctly: the black and silent observatory, the shadowed lantern throwing a feeble glow upon the floor in the corner, the steady ticking of the clockwork of the tele- scope, the little slit in the roof--an oblong profundity with the stardust streaked across it.
The northern observatory will consist of tanks 4 to 5 feet tall and 12 feet across filled with purified water.
No One May Ever Have The Same Knowledge Again: Letters to Mount Wilson Observatory 1915-1935" brings a number of these missives together with a few related artifacts such as telescope components and photographs (on loan from the observatory and the Carnegie Institution); all are installed in a long, low vitrine in the center of a darkened gallery.
The Thunder Bay Observatory currently consists of a single dome he built that houses a 14-inch aperture telescope, but may eventually be replaced by a 30-inch aperture telescope.
Observatory chairman Nick Barlow gave a short speech about the importance of the observatory and how the data collected over the years has been useful.
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