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OBSObservation (Groundwater Modeling Systems)
OBSOrganization(al) Breakdown Structure
OBSOcala Breeders Sales
OBSObstruction (baseball)
OBSOpenbare Basisschool
OBSOptical Burst Switching (IEEE)
OBSOrange Blossom Special
OBSOrganic Brain Syndrome
OBSOff Balance Sheet
OBSOcean Bottom Seismometer
OBSOnline Business Systems (Canada)
OBSOutward Bound School
OBSOffice of Boating Safety (Canadian Coast Guard)
OBSOmni Bearing Selector
OBSOutward Bound Singapore
OBSOpen Bidding Service (Canada)
OBSOrlando Ballet School (Florida, USA)
OBSOld Black Spruce
OBSOptical Back Scatter (class of turbidity sensors)
OBSOn-Board Service
OBSOut-of-Band Signaling
OBSOxford Biosignals Ltd
OBSOperational Bioinstrumentation System
OBSOld Brown Sherry
OBSold body style (automotive)
OBSOperation Boat Smart
OBSOptical Biopsy System
OBSOn-Board Switching
OBSOff Bore Sight
OBSObligation à Bons de Souscriptions
OBSOffice Based Sales
OBSOSIS Baseline System
OBSOn-Base Average and Slugging percentage (baseball statistic)
OBSOn Board Spares
OBSOut of Balance Switch
OBSObstructive Bowel Syndrome
OBSOcé Business Services (New York, NY)
OBSOther Basic Sciences
OBSOlympic Broadcasting Services (International Olympic Committee)
OBSOrange Business Service (France Telecom)
OBSOnline Banking Solutions (various locations)
OBSOily Bird Syndrome
OBSOlin Business School (Washington University; St. Louis, MO)
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His language must not be exclusively obsolete and unintelligible; but he should admit, if possible, no word or turn of phraseology betraying an origin directly modern.
Bert was a Southerner; he had never been north of the Midland counties, and the multitude of factories and chimneys--the latter for the most part obsolete and smokeless now, superseded by huge electric generating stations that consumed their own reek--old railway viaducts, mono-rail net-works and goods yards, and the vast areas of dingy homes and narrow streets, spreading aimlessly, struck him as though Camberwell and Rotherhithe had run to seed.
This figure unlocked and held open the grating as for the passage of another, who presently appeared, in the form of a young man of small stature and uncommon self-importance, dressed in an obsolete and very gaudy fashion.
Passing, now the mouldy hall of some obsolete Worshipful Company, now the illuminated windows of a Congregationless Church that seemed to be waiting for some adventurous Belzoni to dig it out and discover its history; passing silent warehouses and wharves, and here and there a narrow alley leading to the river, where a wretched little bill, FOUND DROWNED, was weeping on the wet wall; he came at last to the house he sought.
But, six o'clock in the evening finds the worthy little gentleman getting better, and also getting himself into his obsolete little silk stockings and pumps, for the wondering dinner at the Veneerings.
ACCOUNTANTS SHOULDN'T worry that computers will make them obsolete.
If the White House panel truly cares about motivating more students to pursue careers in research and about training them better, she says, it should have focused more on the special problems affecting these institutions: obsolete or nonexistent teaching equipment, declining access to laboratory work in their introductory science and engineering classes, uninspired texts and too few trained educators in science, math and engineering disciplines.
Already a hit with parents and educators, repeat or you're obsolete was recently named one of the best products of 2008 by iParenting Media, and won the 2008 Best Children's Product Award by the National Parents Publications Awards (NAPPA) in association with Parenting.
We decided to design an entire exhibition of all the DAR Museum's obsolete, odd and ooky objects primarily for entertainment value, but I think visitors of all ages may find that they actually learn something about America's past from this exhibit.
Revises DFARS text on the acquisition of telecommunications services to update terminology, delete obsolete text, and add text addressing DoD's authority to enter into contracts for telecommunications resources.
Despite the influx of obsolete scrap material, many scrap recyclers feel that there is a shortage of supply on hand.
Compounding the issue of obsolete equipment, many of the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) no longer exist and dedicated product support for this equipment has disappeared with them.