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ODDOperator Distance Dialing
ODDOntario Diabetes Database
ODDOffice Dependent Data
ODDOcean Disposal Database
ODDOldest Dear Daughter
ODDOgden Data Device (data transfer cartridge interface)
ODDOff-Board Deception Device
ODDOutline Dimensional Drawing
ODDOn-Dock Delivery (shipping)
ODDOpportunity Description Document
ODDObjective Digitized Division
ODDObserved Defect Density
ODDOppositional Defiant Disorder
ODDOperational Detachment Delta (US Army)
ODDOptions Disclosure Document
ODDOffice of the Deputy Director
ODDOne Document Does It All (text encoding initiative)
ODDOptical Disk Drive
ODDOne Day Decorating (training program)
References in classic literature ?
And odd enough, too," I ventured to reply; "but I was always under the impression that an angel had wings.
There are some very odd Americans here, who keep throwing Harold into fits of laughter.
As I stared at them, they met my gaze; and then first one and then another turned away from my direct stare, and looked at me in an odd, furtive manner.
If she had not known him to be in town she would not have written to him, as she did; she would have written to Combe Magna; and if he is in town, how odd that he should neither come nor write
Well, it is odd and sad that our minds should be such seed-beds, and we without power to choose the seed.
As she stood on the stone floor she looked a very small, odd little black figure, and she felt as small and lost and odd as she looked.
And by all accounts a very odd writer," added the lawyer.
answered the mouse, 'they are such odd names, they make me very thoughtful.
The outcome of it was that of these two odd persons having equally odd notions of duty, the one went to California, as the interest of his client required, and the other remained at home in compliance with a wish that her husband was scarcely conscious of entertaining.
Containing little more than a few odd observations.
He was fourandtwenty the 8th of last June, and my birthday is the 23rd just a fortnight and a day's differencewhich is very odd.
I call them birds since they were winged, but mortal eye ne'er rested on such odd, unearthly shapes.