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Founded in 2006 and headquartered in London, UK, Ontology customers include Telenor, T-Mobile, BT, Level 3, Three UK, Vodacom, MBNL, BskyB, Vodafone, Neotel, Internet Solutions and Telkom SA.
Chapter twelve, "Causation and the mental," outlines implications of van Inwagen's ontology for ideas about the title topics.
In this proposed method, automatic ontology construction is attempted through data mining techniques and subsequently diagnosing hepatitis.
Unfortunately, the problem of the interoperability ever remains at technical level using these ontology representation languages.
1 also introduces a redesigned BioXM ontology module that now supports any type of ontology relation and adds advanced ontology inference and reasoning capabilities.
2010) also undertook research on the interoperability of the Open GIS Consortium (OGC)-based Web service and presented a semantic enablement layer that provided ontology and reasoning as Web services.
In the above-mentioned figure, the name of Ontology is Domain; meanwhile, we need to represent the ontology by PCV, and represent the sub-events in the ontology by Event Concept, represent each single event by Event, and abstract each event as Event Concept.
Initial Draft of LOINC Clinical Document Ontology Implementation Guide completed - Target: July 2013 (July 14th deadline)
2002), the Process Ontology describes a service in terms of its inputs, outputs, preconditions, effects, and, where appropriate, its component sub-processes.
A manufacturing system engineering (MSE) ontology for semantic interoperability across extended project teams was reported in (19).
The philosophical definition of ontology is the study of things that exist and how they relate to each other," said Ceusters.
Human perspectives on geographic ontology are cognitive and cultural bases of knowledge about the world.
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