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OPIUMOptimal Package Install/Uninstall Manager
OPIUMOperational Project for Integrated Urban Management (EU)
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Ordering my cab to wait, I passed down the steps, worn hollow in the centre by the ceaseless tread of drunken feet; and by the light of a flickering oil-lamp above the door I found the latch and made my way into a long, low room, thick and heavy with the brown opium smoke, and terraced with wooden berths, like the forecastle of an emigrant ship.
Finally, an analysis has shown that the remains of his supper left by the stable-lad contain an appreciable quantity of powdered opium, while the people at the house partook of the same dish on the same night without any ill effect.
Foul and filthy as the room is, foul and filthy as the air is, it is not easy to perceive what fumes those are which most oppress the senses in it; but through the general sickliness and faintness, and the odour of stale tobacco, there comes into the lawyer's mouth the bitter, vapid taste of opium.
The spirit of the world, the great calm presence of the Creator, comes not forth to the sorceries of opium or of wine.
He felt that they were not analogous to the fantastic and unreal dreams due to intoxication by hashish, opium or wine.
Nothing greatly original had resulted from these measures; and the effects of the opium had convinced him that there was an entire dissimilarity between his constitution and De Quincey's.
De Quincey was hardly less autobiographical when he wrote of Kant, or the Flight of the Crim-Tartars, than when he wrote of his own boyhood or the miseries of the opium habit.
Jerry enjoyed the singing much in the same way the opium eater enjoys his dreams.
At eight o'clock on the appointed evening, several of us professed great weariness, and went to our room, leaving the rest sewing virtuously with Miss Cotton, who read Hannah More's Sacred Dramas aloud, in a way that fitted the listeners for bed as well as a dose of opium would have done.
Principal productions are porcelain, tea, cinnamon, shawls, tin, tamarinds and opium.
the big sloop that had come up from the Sandwich Islands where it had been engaged in smuggling opium.
Unhappy in his home, and racked with bodily pain, he at length began to use opium in order to find relief.