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OROregon (US postal abbreviation)
OROperating Room
OROn Request
OROutdoor Research
OROffice of Record
OROfficial Records (Of the American Civil War; historical citations)
OROrange Range (Japanese rock band)
OROrganization Administrator
ORObject Reference (CORBA)
OROperating Range
OROpen Repair
OROperations Research
OROperations Room
OROperations Requirements
OROperations Resources
OROntario Reports
OROak Ridge
OROfficer Representative
OROn-Site Representative
OROpen Root (welding)
ORObject Recognition
ORObjective Response
OROptical Router
OROdds Ratio (element of statistical regression analysis, science)
OROverall Resistance
OROfficial Receipt
OROxygen Reduction
OROlympic Record
OROperational Reserve
OROperational Review
OROperational Research
OROperational Requirement
OROperational Reliability
OROther Ranks (British military)
ORObserved Ratio
OROptimal Routing (telecom)
OROnion Ring
OROverload Relay
OROccupancy Rate
ORObject Reuse
OROccurrence Report
OROffensive Rebound (basketball)
OROrganized Rhyme (rap group)
OROperational Readiness
ORObject to Relational
OROperating Reactor
OROpen Repositories (Conference)
OROutside Rehearsals
OROmani Rial (national currency)
OROperationally Ready
OROsservatore Romano (Vatican newapaper)
OROmnidirectional Range
OROrgone (energy)
OROwn Recognizance
OROver Rate (cricket scoring)
OROnion Routing
OROmega Rho (honors society for Operations Researchers)
OROristano, Sardegna (Italian province)
OROriginator / Recipient
OROutward Radial
OROrdinary Proton (event)
OROrthogonal Region
OROrdnance Requirement
OROwasco River Railroad
OROutward Routing
OROld Ruymian (alumni of Chatham House Grammar School for boys, Ramsgate, Kent, UK)
OROnly Replication/Replicating
OROwner's Risk
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This, however, did not stop the FDA in 1956 from burning more than fifteen tons of Reich's books and journals as "labelling" for the orgone accumulator.
8220;We have some exciting vendors and healing modalities this year, including therapy harps from Sedona, Edgar Cayce style cures, and orgone anti-stress generators,” Garris says.
Conceived as self-contained multimedia presentations on different subjects--from the kabbalah (The Metatron, 1977) to the relationship between Lucretius and quantum theory (De Rerum Natura [The Nature of Things], 1985), from gnosticism (Pistis Sophia, 2004-06) to the theories of Wilhelm Reich (The Orgone Motor, 1981)--the paintings are packed with painstakingly rendered images, cascading patterns of text that seem to contain roughly equal parts accurate religio-scientific information and obscurantist hogwash, and dizzying "engineering" diagrams, all set within improbably complicated compositional schemes.
August 11, La Monica Ballroom Then & Now: Royal Crown Revue, Orgone, and Ameera
Actors Depot will cast The Limits of Time and Space, Face in the Wall, The 4th Dimensional World, The Orgone Box, and Mind Bend.
The band also has shared stages with the Skatalites, RJD2, the Cave Singers, Helio Sequence, Dengue Fever and Orgone.
paid homage to Reich's Orgone Box (a mystical isolation tank
So where is the orgone accumulator now, when we really need it?
Homosexual "conversion," which sounds like a crude form of aversion therapy, most likely will go the way of the Reichian orgone generator of the 1950s (never heard of it, right ).
The "Wood Grain" works are similarly materials-related, referring to Kelley's fondness for untreated wood (for example, Orgone, Shed and Colema Bench, both 1992) or painted simulations of it, like the fake wood-panel room divider in the 1991 Madrid version of the installation Alma Pater (Wolverine Den), 1991.