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OSMOSEOpen Source for Mobile and Sustainable City (EU)
OSMOSEOpen Standard for Multimedia Optical Storage Environments
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Delivery of reports via the internet is not a new concept, but Osmose Online Data is intended to provide users with the capability to manage maintenance programs, initiate and track necessary repairs and export information to others in their organizations.
Koppers CEO Walt Turner said, Acquiring these businesses from Osmose represents another important step in our long-term growth strategy by expanding both our chemicals offering and extending our existing railroad and utilities products and services platform .
Much of the credit for our safety record goes to the culture created by the Osmose Safety Program.
Osmose Utilities Services today announced the acquisition of the Hawaii utility construction company Ikaika, Inc.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 10, 2016-Squan Acquires US Utility Pole Maintenance Engineer Osmose Communications Services
Target: Osmose Communications Services, Osmose Utilities Services
Works discussed include Char Davies' Osmose, William Gibson's Agrippa (A Book of the Dead), the Xbox game Kinectimals, the online arcade-style game oTornado,o the simulation Empress & Hierophant in Second Life, Stephanie Strickland's slipping-glimpse, S.
La SONEDE (Societe nationale de l'eau de Tunisie) a realise une etude de faisabilite pour une usine de dessalement d'eau de mer par osmose inverse, qui sera construite a Zrat, pres de la capitale Tunis.
Designed by Sakura Adachi, the Osmose is what France-based Fermob calls a bed.
Founded in Buffalo, NY in 1934, and since headquartered in Tyrone, Georgia, Osmose Utilities Services is a global leader in the manufacture of wood preservatives and a leading service provider for North American utility and railroad infrastructure.
A faixa costeira compreendida entre Napoles e Salerno foi um territorio de clara osmose cultural e linguistica, onde o mundo latino e o grego se encontravam, complementando-se.
Osmose Utilities Services Inc, a provider of inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation services for transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure, announced on Monday the acquisition of telecoms engineering firm BBCom Inc.