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OOKOn-Off Keying
OOKon Off Keyed
OOKOut of kilter
OOKOuderen Overleg Komitee (Dutch: Elderly Discussion Committee; est. 1993; Brussels, Belgium)
OOKOrder of Knights (role playing group)
OOKOut of Kingdom
OOKOmituisten Otusten Kerho (Finnish gaming glan)
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Densely ionizing radiation from plutonium and radon burrows microscopic tunnels through living tissues and knocks things out of kilter along these tracks.
The wildly different dynamics--the ultra-fast huddled spin juxtaposed with the dancers suspending in splayed positions, the quick, flat-footed steps alternating with serene, refined waltzing--were suggestive of a world out of kilter, perhaps a statement on the right-wing condition in Vienna today.
There was something about her which was out of joint, out of kilter," wrote British journalist Andrew Wilson two days after her death.
The electoral and the economic cycle was badly out of kilter.
If a given strain gets into the 'wrong' host, the result is a system out of kilter and extreme disease.
The current balance between the 'public interest in freedom of the press and free expression' and other matters of public interest appears to me out of kilter," she told the inquiry in a written witness statement.
Fare rises that hark back to a time of high inflation and spiralling energy costs look very out of kilter.
Spectacularly out of kilter with the current climate, it boasts a mid-mounted 650bhp five-litre V8 that can crack 60 in 3.
That, Moxon pointed out, threw everything else out of kilter.
He got a little out of kilter and out of character after a situation where he thought he was fouled, and came down court angry.
However in a reference to Birmingham's failure to win the competition to host the main Millennium celebrations, he added that it was, he suspected "for historical reasons", "slightly out of kilter with the general mood".
Much of the movement is out of kilter, with dancers hinging away from or falling off center, pushing through space with flexed hands and feet.