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OBOut (of the) Blue
OBOn Board
OBOberbürgermeister (German: mayor of a larger city)
OBOutside Broadcast
OBOak Bluffs (Massachusetts)
OBOld Boy
OBOingo Boingo (band)
OBOskar Blues (brewery; Colorado)
OBOcean Beach (California)
OBOctave Band
OBOpen Box (gaming clan)
OBOpen Box
OBOld Babylonian
OBOrder of Battle
OBOh Baby
OBOccult Blood
OBOut of Bounds (National Park Service or golf slang)
OBOgre Battle (game)
OBOlfactory Bulb
OBOutward Bound
OBOberkommando (German: High Command)
OBOfficial Business
OBOperating Budget
OBOrlando Bloom (actor)
OBObex (neuroanatomy, part of brain)
OBOpening Balance (financial management)
OBObliterative Bronchiolitis
OBOrdnance Battalion (US Navy)
OBOut of Business
OBOptical Bench
OBOld Bill (UK police)
OBOpen Burning (outdoor fire regulation)
OBOperating Base (US Navy)
OBOrganization Behaviour
OBOff Break (cricket)
OBOld Bastard
OBOperational Base (various locations)
OBOverbought (stock market)
OBOperation Battleaxe (gaming)
OBOversight Board
OBOhne Befund (German: Results Negative)
OBOutstanding Balance
OBOrdnance Board (US Navy)
OBOxbridge (summer program)
OBOfficial Building
OBOdense Boldklub (Danish soccer club)
OBOptical Branch
OBOberkommandierender (German CINC)
OBOutlet Box (electrical)
OBOffice of Budget
OBOver Board
OBOriginal Budget
OBOpen Billing
OBOutdoor Broadcasting
OBOrdinary Break (railway defect)
OBOhne Binde (German: without a pad; tampon brand)
OBOver Burden (mining)
OBOrganization Block
OBObservatoire de Besançon
OBOutbye (mining)
OBOssewa Brandwag (Ox-Wagon Guard)
OBOssewa Brandwag
OBOperation Barnabas
OBOnlinebandit (gamesite)
OBOutcast Bandicoot (fanfiction)
OBOphodni Brod (Croatian: patrol boat)
OBOld Bedfordian (Bedford School, UK)
OBOuter Beings (gaming)
OBOpen Along Bit Lines
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Cut a hole in the wall for the switch box, and run a cable down through the outlet box hole below it.
The outlet box can accommodate multiple mainline circuit breakers, utilizing both compartments.
We are very excited about the outlet box housing everything," Majeski said.
Plastic outlet box 1 1/4 inches deep by 2 3/8 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches long
An appliance mounting plate eliminates the need for an electrical outlet box.
If the electrical outlet box is not grounded properly, use of an adapter will not result in protection against electrocution.
5 mm 2 2 pieces mast performance, 1 insulating tube, Up to 12m 52 where provision lighting and wiring 1 piece building power distributor with meter, Earth electrode and installations up to 55kva 70 m lv cable nyy-j 4 x 70 mm 2 52 where provision of power distribution boards and wiring 7 pieces of building distribution boards terminal distribution cabinet 100 a, Including built-in components 2 pieces outlet box 100a, Ip54, Nh00125 4x185 / 5 * 50 2 pieces earthing rod 9m 100 m rubber hose h07rn-f 5g16 100 m rubber hose h07rn-f 5g25 100 m rubber hose h07rn-f 5g50 52 where provision of power distribution boards and wiring tlv31.
It can be deployed into any standard electrical outlet box, creating a low profile, secure design and front port access fitting in unobtrusively with in-room furniture replacement, it stated.
If you're going to add lights and another outlet, add the new outlet box and the cable that runs to the switch before you install the framing (Photo 2).