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O/SOperating System
O/SOne Size
O/Son sale
O/SOutstanding (unpaid insurance claim)
O/SOut of State
O/SOver Stock
O/SOversize (Canada Post)
O/SOn Scene
O/SOutstanding Shares (stock market)
O/SOcean Surveillance
O/SOutlaw Shark
O/SOrganisation/Schmelt (Germany/Poland)
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This led to a protest by outstation students, resulting in clashes.
DNP3 uses the term outstation to denote remote computers or devices as found in the field.
Part Three presents the story of the collision of two imaginaries that banged into one-another with the inception of the outstation movement: 'Could this type of state-sponsored [return to] tradition really reconcile countervailing regimes of value drawn from market society and local indigenous life?
At McGill, he earned a university degree, and, with this, his career as an outstation officer was over.
Even more recently, statistics in the Labour Force Characteristics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, published by the ABS in January 2006, challenge the notion that Indigenous outstation people will prosper if they migrate to urban or metropolitan situations.
For example, one outstation (site N3) had material culture from the 1860s, stone tools, glass tools and ochre around fireplaces outside a simple wooden hut, while inside the hut were clay pipes, clothing parts (belts, buckles, shoe parts), bottles (commonly for food flavourings and opiate medicines, not alcohol), equipment such as shear blades, and food remains (sheep and kangaroo).
We will draw on Desert Pivot exercises in May and September 2002 to demonstrate the viability of using a more economical network infrastructure that can reach the many CGS outstations rather t han using dedicated T1 lines.
FMC-Jetway Systems has entered into a partnership with American Airlines to refurbish the airline's aging fleet of passenger boarding bridges at a variety of outstations.
Product Sub-Category : Hiring of cars for local and outstation duties.
Solutions like Ola Outstation, a smart mobility solution for inter-city travel are tailor-made to enable convenient and affordable road transport to deep corners of the country, ensuring a truly unique and unforgettable experience for domestic and international tourists alike.
We offer cab service for Business, Events, Weddings, Local Sight seen, and outstation tours.
Four outstation teams had been invited to play in the fourth edition alongside the four Dubai clubs - Al Ahli, Al Shabab, Al Nasr and Al Wasl - this year.