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OBDOn Board Diagnostics
OBDOn-Board Diagnosis
OBDOrganization of Black Designers
OBDOverboard (Swedish punkrock band)
OBDOpposed Blade Damper (mechanical)
OBDOff-Board Diagnostics
OBDOverboard Discharge
OBDOccupied Bed Day
OBDOrganic Brain Disease
OBDOxide Breakdown
OBDOrdnance Base Depot
OBDOrder of Benefit Determination (insurance)
OBDOutboard Divertor
OBDOrthonormal-Basis Diversity
OBDOrder by Description
OBDOff Board Drone
OBDOptimal Bit Decision
OBDOpiate-Induced Bowel Dysfunction
OBDOSS&E (Operational Safety, Suitability and Effectiveness) Baseline Document (US Air Force)
OBDOnline Business Development
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The officer who steered the galley gave the same account of their going overboard.
This insistence in using the odious word arises from the fact that a particularly benighted landsman must imagine the act of anchoring as a process of throwing something overboard, whereas the anchor ready for its work is already overboard, and is not thrown over, but simply allowed to fall.
On the 17th, two seamen, faint and exhausted, were washed overboard.
There ain't no boy here 'cep' me sence Otto went overboard - an' he was only a Dutchy, an' twenty year old at that.
By this accident we lost three men overboard with the caboose, and nearly the whole of the larboard bulwarks.
However, when I observed that the other gondolas had sailed away, and my gondolier was preparing to go overboard, I stopped.
I consent," said the doctor, "but you must not make too many wry faces when we come to throw some thousands of crowns' worth overboard.
When he died they threw him overboard also, though there were those among them who wanted to keep the corpse on board.
If I see a rat, you won't stop; and if I go to sleep, you get fooling about with the boat, and slop me overboard.
Peter gave the signal, and the carrion was cast overboard.
On deck Bududreen and his crew had lashed themselves to the masts, and as the Ithaca struck the reef before the harbor, back upon which she had been driven, the tall poles with their living freight snapped at the deck and went overboard carrying every thing with them amid shrieks and cries of terror that were drowned and choked by the wild tumult of the night.
If you don't I shall pitch you overboard," continued Tarzan.