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ÖHÖsterreichische Hochschülerschaft (Austrian Student's Union)
ÖHÖver Havet (Swedish: Over the Sea)
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The researchers found that tortoises that have not adjusted to the fencing pace along them due to which they overheat and die.
3 Hotpoint dishwasher Control board could overheat and catch fire Recalled April 2013 57,000 still missing
hich This was due to a fault which can cause them to overheat and potentially catch fire.
The company said that its A350XWB overheat detection system monitors the aircraft environmental control system's bleed air ducts for overheat conditions caused by failures.
Large or complex dies for film or sheet can also be the culprits if they contain low-flow areas where polymer can overheat.
Ecstasy makes you feel like you can dance forever, and dancing makes you overheat.
Radios run hot and don't need much outside help to overheat.
Thousands of O mobile phones are being recalled amid fears they may overheat while charging.
The Icelandic government has said that the economy is under control and will not overheat.
About 10 years ago, we let an unattended, coated pot overheat when we fell asleep.
on Tuesday warned users of its Mova D series mobile phones that their battery-charging AC adapters could overheat and said the company will replace them.