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OLOrdered List (HTML)
OLOffice Lady (English term used in everyday Japanese for working unmarried young lady)
OLOfficial Language
OLOlympique Lyonnais (French football team)
OLOffensive Lineman (football)
OLOldham (postcode, United Kingdom)
OLOff Limits
OLOlympiske Leker (Norwegian: Olympic Games)
OLOutside Linebacker (football)
OLOnline Learning (also seen as OLL)
OLObjective Lens
OLOutland (gaming, World of Warcraft)
OLOperation Lifesaver
OLOpen Learning
OLOffer Letter (human resources)
OLOpen Loop
OLOzone Layer
OLOff List (subject line of offlist posts to mailing lists)
OLOld Latin
OLOvertime Loss (hockey; soccer)
OLOrientation Leader (education)
OLOuter Loop (Beltway)
OLLocal Official (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
OLOrganizational Level
OLOperating License
OLOptimum Level
OLOperating Level
OLOver Limit (electronics)
OLOperating Location
OLOverhead Line
OLOperating Limit
OLOberleitung (German catenary)
OLOffice Leader
OLOrder of the Laurel (Society for Creative Anachronism)
OLOperational Logistics
OLOrdinary Leave
OLOffensive Linebacker (football)
OLOulu railway station, Finland (standard station code)
OLOrienting Line
OLOc'ulus Lae'vus (Left Eye)
OLOrange Logic LLC
OLOrganic Silts of Low Plasticity (soil type)
OLÖsterreichicher Lloyd
OLO'Fallon Library (O'Fallon, IL)
OLOutline and Load (drawings)
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Despite the above findings, more evidence is needed to determine if iron overload impairs hematopoietic function by enhancing oxidative stress and how DFX and NAC exert their protective effects in vivo.
In particular, employees tend to experience information overload due to the overwhelming amount of content that can be continuously received from various sources, such as their organization, customers, and suppliers (Farhoomand & Drury, 2002).
Therefore the rabbits were artificially overload with iron and then treated with Cassia occidentalis (leaves) to evaluate its potential efficiency in iron elimination.
Said one Fear Overload employee who requested not to be named, “I couldn't be happier with the [Scream Park California] guys.
The E300 overload relay easily integrates into the Rockwell Software Studio 5000 control environment from Rockwell Automation via an add-on profile.
The term "information overload" was coined as a follow-on to "sensory overload," a term with a related and revelatory history.
A number of studies in the past found strong instances of choice overload based on experiments in laboratories and in the field.
Eighty-five percent of respondents said e-mail overload is having a negative influence on their productivity some of the time.
With the overload capabilities of an electric motor, yards can expect to see significant performance gains.
La Torre, A, Impellizzeri, FM, Rampinini, E, Casanova, F, Alberti, G, Marcora, SM: Cardiovascular responses to aerobic step dance sessions with and without appendicular overload.
There are numerous blueprints available for steady, progressive overload.
At this unique point in the information revolution, the modern media that has caused the overload has also made word of mouth much more accessible.