p70s6kphosphoprotein 70 ribosomal protein S6 kinase
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In agreement with this, a decrease in P70S6K phosphorylation, a downstream target of Akt involved in protein synthesis, has been shown to be involved in the rapid hypertrophic growth through the control of myosin gene (34).
Burd e colaboradores (2010) mostraram que treinos com 30% de uma repeticao maxima (1RM) levados ate a falha concentrica foram capazes de promover um aumento na atividade da via Akt/mTOR e na sinalizacao de proteinas como P70S6K e Erk 1/2.
Desflurane post-conditioning protects the human myocardium through the RISK activation of P70S6K and eNOS, and leads to GSK3[beta]-mediated closure of the mPTP (99).
Paralelamente, ela aciona a fosforilacao de outras proteinas regulatorias como a p70S6K, eEF2 e rpS6 ambas diretamente responsaveis pelo acionamento molecular da sintese de proteinas do musculo esqueletico (Pasiakos, 2012).
p70S6K is regulated in response to cytokines, nutrients, and growth factors.
Upon activation, mTOR increases the phosphorylation levels of its downstream targets that include p70S6K and 4EBP1, which leads to increased levels of translation, ribosome biogenesis, and reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton and inhibition of autophagy.
3] also decreased phosphorylation of Akt and p70s6k proteins in a dose-dependent manner during myogenic differentiation.
The level of phosphorylated p70S6K and 4E-BP1, two downstream substrates of mTOR, also significantly decreased after dose- and time-dependently exposure to diosgenin (Fig.
Background: The phosphorylation of p70S6 kinase (p70S6K) represents an important target for sensitive detection on pharmacodynamic effects of sirolimus, but the methods of assessing p70S6K phosphorylation are still unclear.
A mTOR tambem ativa a p70S6k, que estimula a iniciacao da traducao bem como a elongacao da sintese proteica por diferentes mecanismos.
Final results of a first-in-human phase I trial of PBI-05204, an inhibitor of AKT, FCF-2, NF-Kb, and p70S6K in advanced cancer patients.