pCREBPhosphorylated cAMP (Adenosine 3'5' Cyclic Monophosphate)-Response Element Binding protein
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Furthermore, they also found a reduction in BDNF and pCREB in the hippocampus and impaired spatial learning in the MWM of the RSV-treated animals relative to controls.
Para evaluar si el incremento en los niveles de pCREB en el hipocampo de ratas luego de la exploracion de un ambiente novedoso se asocia con la formacion de la memoria de habituacion o con la deteccion de la novedad per se, Winograd y Viola (2004) expusieron al ambiente novedoso a los sujetos una o varias veces y luego de una hora los sacrificaron para poder medir el factor de transcripcion.
Luego de ese entrenamiento midieron los niveles de pCREB en el hipocampo y hallaron que los mismos se incrementaban luego de una corta exposicion al campo abierto (5 minutos), que se mantenian en un nivel basal (como los animales naive sin exposicion) luego de 15 minutos y que por el contrario, con una exposicion prolongada (30 minutos en el campo) los mismos descendian.
The alcohol-abstinence--induced burst of cell proliferation occurs as the degeneration and fragments of dying neurons clear but also is associated with a marked increase in pCREB, likely caused by synaptic glutamate-activating trophic signals.
pCREB formation), as well as increased synthesis and secretion of trophic factors (Zou and Crews 2006).
We conclude that the increased age-related susceptibility of old-age neurons to A[beta] toxicity may be due to higher levels of activation of pERK and pCREB pathways that can be protected by blueberry extract through inhibition of both these pathways through an ROS stress response.
Effects of OMT on CCI-induced pERK and pCREB expression in the spinal cord
The Western blot results further showed that pCREB was highly expressed on CCI.
An increased expression of pCREB was detected 1 h after SNP administration with a peak at 2 h, whereas after 4 and 6 h the pCREB values returned comparable to control (Fig.
Behavioural studies showed that hypericin, a bioactive compound of SJW, reversed cold allodynia and heat hyperalgesia induced by NO, prevented iNOS expression, I[kappa]B[alpha] degradation, pSTAT1 and pCREB upregulation.
In the present study, we showed scopolamine-reduced pCREB and BDNF expressions in the cortex and hippocampus were restored by the treatment of the standardized extract of B.