pFETPositive Channel Field Effect Transistor
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Treadmill PFET for the left calf increased 354% during the first three months, and remained relatively steady through six months.
A second Diamond DRAGON[R] LED demo, powered by National Semiconductor's NS LM3401 PFET controller driver that can run at up to 100% of duty cycle, which maximizes the number of LEDs being driven off an input rail, will also be on display.
With this mixed strain approach, the nFET uniaxial strain can be amplified by the substrate, while the pFET can be enhanced beyond levels offered by conventional uniaxially strained silicon.
In addition to microstructural analyses of the features outlined above, SI is conducting extensive analysis of the SiGe source / drain for PFET including Ge concentration gradient; an analysis of new silicide processing to enable ultrashallow junctions; and scanning capacitance analysis of ultrashallow junctions.
This also has the advantage that the external pass transistor, PNP or PFET, can be placed closer to the powered element in the application.
The rugged BiCMOS process on which the NCP346 is built enables it to turn off a series PFET in less than 1 microsecond (usec) and withstands up to 30 volts (V) of overvoltage transients (or 25 V steady state).
Its on-chip linear regulator powers output loads directly when either VINPUT or VSTANDBY is available, alternatively VAUXILIARY delivers power to an external PFET that transmits its 3.
3V at output and also automatically select an auxiliary power supply via an external PFET switch.
Low temperature pFETs were fabricated and benchmarked against devices with a S/D activation anneal.
Previo a la instrumentacion de la Ley Nacional de Turismo y del PFETS, Mendoza ya habia redactado su primer plan de desarrollo del sector, denominado Turplan 2000-2005, que fue sucedido por el Turplan II 2007-2011.
Mechanisms Limiting EOT Scaling and Gate Leakage Currents of High-k/Metal Gate Stacks Directly on SiGe and a Method to Enable sub-1nm EOT - demonstrates scaling and performance for innovative processes and device designs to develop surface channel SiGe pFETs at 22nm nodes