pQCTPeripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (bone density test measuring the wrist)
pQCTProcess Quality Control Table
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Measures of the forearm and tibia were conducted using pQCT (Stratec XCT 2000, Stratec Medical, Germany).
Other longitudinal work with pQCT found only small, nonsignificant BMD losses after 30 mo of follow-up, suggesting that a steady state had indeed developed [14].
Further, this study is important in demonstrating that the alterations in morphology and physiology induced in free-ranging individuals living in environments contaminated with endocrine-active compounds are not limited to a few systems of tissues; rather, effects can be observed in many tissues affected by these hormones Key words: alligator, bone mineral density (BMD), EDCs, endocrine disruption, Lake Apopka pesticides, pollution, pQCT.
pQCT analysis of L5 and proximal tibia revealed a deficit in BMD of SF/VEH mice compared to GC/VEH, indicating a systemic decline in bone mass.
Moreover, pQCT measurements of cortical and trabecular bone mass in the upper limbs differ significantly as a result of greater activity in the dominant limb [14].
Characterization of low bone mass in young patients with thalassemia by DXA, pQCT and markers of bone turnover," Bone, vol.
com)-- Transparency Market Research "Bone Densitometers Market (DEXA, QCT, pDEXA, SEXA, pQCT, RA and QUS)- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 - 2019," the global bone densitometers market was valued at USD 777.
Each pQCT measurement was evaluated by manually marking the region of interest in the metaphysis of the tibia.
The basic principles of pQCT and DEXA are described elsewhere [14,19-20].
The radial BMD as measured by pQCT did not differ between the two groups, but the core trabecular tibial BMD was also higher in the dancers (321 mg/[cm.