pRFIDpassive Radio Frequency Identification
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With the addition of RTLS and pRFID, instead of shutting down the warehouse to do an "all hands wall-to-wall inventory" EODTECHDIV has a complete inventory of the entire warehouse automatically once a day with no human intervention.
With an initial goal of 90 percent in-theater operational availability for robotic IED assets, EODTECHDIV was able to achieve a greater than 95 percent in-theater operational availability through the implementation of IUID utilizing pRFID, RTLS, and COLTS to meet the specific needs of its organization.
In Tier 1, the Navy is developing a pRFID hardware and software infrastructure, both at an Enterprise and field activity level.
Tethered handheld bar code scanners are used on the inbound shipments that are run through the conveyor but do not have a pRFID tag.
In this significant undertaking, Navy partnered with Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to share expertise, knowledge and lessons learned from DLA's pRFID tagging initiatives.
Recognizing the potential of pRFID, additional implementations of the technology are now under way in many other areas of the Department of Defense, including NAVSUP tests and implementations at the FISCN ATAC Hub and Material Processing Center.
Presently, DLA stands ready to support service implementation of pRFID, integrate pRFID into the core DLA business model, optimize receipt process, refine supply chain events, and enhance stewardship of sensitive stock.
Dissemination of newer contracts with DFARS clauses requiring pRFID and IUID marking.